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Best Programs for Health and Fitness Enhancing at the Workplace

Sedentary work life can be dangerous to employees’ health. The best way to fight this is to incorporate and promote health and wellness, and it isn’t just an investment in workers, but it also benefits the employers. An organization-level commitment to improving employee health as a ‘corporate goal’ is one of the most efficient and affordable changes to implement.

When executives regularly communicate the importance of employee health and wellbeing—it becomes a part of corporate identity.

Like any other habit, adopting the new routine of adhering to health and wellness activities is hard work, but providing support as a leader can make it easier to achieve.

Here are the best programs to try and enhance workplace health and wellbeing.

Evaluate Employee Health Risks

It’s best to implement a wellness program screening your employees through Health Risk Assessments, surveys, and physical examinations to know prevalent problems beforehand. With this information, you can tailor preventative plans that are more efficient and have an emergency dentist or physician in Salt Lake City to quickly address these issues—saving you money, your employees, and your brand, helping you prepare for the worst.

Offer Healthy Snacks

healthy snack/food

A simple yet efficient way of promoting better health at the office is by removing the temperature. If there are sodas and chocolates in the vending machines or offer chocolate croissants for breakfast, employees will succumb to an unhealthy diet, where most people go for the latter. Get rid of the temptation and replace unhealthier versions of foods with healthier variations, such as replacing soda with water—easing the transition and developing a like-minded environment devoted to health and wellness.

Provide Paid Fitness Memberships

Providing rewards, incentives, and benefits are excellent ways to improve motivation in the workspace. The best way to improve health and wellness is by providing health-related benefits such as paid gym, spa, or yoga memberships. You can do this by offering group classes, educating employees on the benefits of proper exercising and dieting.

Additionally, if possible, it’s best to establish an on-site gym to provide employees the chance to exercise more often and create a more robust work environment.

Go on Wellness Adventures

There are instances that employees won’t be able to participate in other physical fitness programs. The best way to ensure everyone gets help is by offering fitness subsidies, but it shouldn’t be mandatory. You can do this by providing optional ‘wellness adventures’ for employers, which can be anything—from one-hour golf lessons to a laser tag game with peers.

This program gives everyone great fun without forcing employees, making it more appealing and involving everyone in the company, even those who aren’t as active.

Offer Employee Assistance Programs

Health and wellness don’t only mean taking care of one’s body but also the mind. That’s why it’s best to provide employee assistance programs that give confidential support for employees under severe stress, substance abuse, depression, or anxiety. Doing this helps out mentally vulnerable workers and lets your organization communicate a particular level of empathy and support—boosting employee satisfaction and confidence.

Whether you’re a business owner or an executive at a company, promoting health and wellness activities on the job makes sense—helping you improve employee health, job performance, and your business’s bottom line. Try any of the programs mentioned and see your employees grow alongside your company long-term.

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