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Car Parts: How Important is Authenticity?

Counterfeit culture is not a wholly new concept, and it is one that is often associated with clothing and fashion. However, even brands from other industries become victims of counterfeit culture when they blow up and exceed expectations. Supreme is a good example of this, as each drop has limited items. Everyone wants the privilege to own a Supreme item, even if it is something they cannot use, such as brick, nanchuks, or a fire extinguisher.

Even cars, which come from brands known for superior engine development, may not include all genuine parts once they have been restored or repaired. Let us have a brief inquiry into how the replacement of parts impact their performance and overall value.

Effort Behind Each Genuine Part

Car manufacturers such as VW do not just sell their vehicles hoping its name will carry it to the top of the market. They have something to prove, and they spend years perfecting each version they release.

Of course, a portion of the total price is due to the brand’s popularity, but the brand itself invests in technology to make their latest plans happen. It is this investment in cutting-edge car engine technology that separates them from lesser-known brands, and even their genuine VW parts also benefit from this technology. That means each part they provide to car restorers and auto repair shops are made to fit perfectly into the vehicle, minimising any risk to the car or to the engine’s integrity.

Premium Quality

Smiling auto parts salesmanWhile there are inexpensive parts circling in the market, they may be mass produced to cheapen the marketing cost. This means that not much attention to detail by a human has been put into their manufacturing, and therefore they might not come out exactly the way they are intended. Still, this is for the cheapest of the crop.

It would be unfair to discredit manufacturers of OEM parts, which are still held to high standards. Having a relationship with car manufacturers is a testament to their commitment, as releasing faulty or questionable parts will lead to the termination of such a relationship and could affect their sales.

A Race to Be First

When a new car is released in the market, there is a competition among enthusiasts to get their hands on it first. It’s not just car enthusiasts who clamour to get the full specifications of the latest car models. Parts manufacturers also need to get as intimate with the specs as possible so that they can work on their products for release.

First releases may not be the best release, as there is limited information available on the car’s full performance. It is through testing and revising that they can eventually perfect third-party car parts. Genuine parts do not have this kind of waiting dilemma, as they have everything they need to know about the car being released. This is why others prefer to get secondhand yet genuine parts instead of parts from other manufacturers.

Your brand new car comes with all genuine parts when it leaves the dealership. What you replace those parts when the time comes, however, determines the quality of the whole vehicle over time.

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