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Why Your Canine Companion Is the Best Travel Buddy

Do you have your dog’s picture as your phone’s screensaver? Do you always find a way to talk about your doggo whenever you’re hanging out with friends and loved ones? Do you wear a dog necklace in honor of a pet you’ve lost to the hereafter? Have you ever had heated arguments with your girlfriend because she thinks you love your dog more than her? If you answered yes to these questions, then you’re a bonafide canine parent. So why not take your commitment to your doggo to the next level? Why not your pup into your travel buddy?

Sure, your girlfriend might get even more incensed but, eventually, she’ll understand. After all, dogs happen to be the best travel companions. Here’s why.

Your dog’s always happy

Dogs don’t get sad often. And they get sad only for a few reasons. For instance, when their human’s not around. When you take your pup traveling with you, you’ll be together 24/7. And that should keep your doggo smiling 24/7 too.

And a perpetually smiling travel companion is all you need. Sometimes the road gets a bit stressful, and traveling becomes a little less fun. But if you have a canine companion that’s just happy to be there by your side, that’ll be enough to remind you not to be grumpy and have fun.

Your dog won’t have its own travel plans

The most exasperating thing when traveling is being with someone who’s into something other than what you have planned out. Such a tricky situation won’t happen if you’re traveling with your doggo. Your pup will be more than pleased to do what you feel like doing.

Do you want to spend the entire day on a hammock by the beach? Your pup’s ready to blissfully waste that day with you. Do you want to go walking around the city? Your pup won’t have any qualms about the plan too.

The only problem is your dog might not be permitted into certain establishments. For instance, museums might not welcome doggos. The most you can hope for is there’s a safe waiting area for your pup while you make sense of abstract paintings that look like a 6-year-old’s doodles.

Your dog’s not a picky eater

There are stuff dogs can’t eat. The usual suspects include garlic, onions, almonds, and chocolates, to name a few. Still, dogs are pretty low maintenance when it comes to food. You can feed them either something straight off a can or unprocessed and uncooked meat. Here your vet should have a say.

Before you travel with your pup, take them to the vet for a checkup. Make sure your pup gets all the vaccinations and boosters it needs.


Your dog doubles as your guard

Your pup’s not only your travel buddy. It’s also your personal guard. And it won’t think twice about putting itself in danger to keep you safe. But that does not mean you’re allowed to put yourself in dangerous situations to test the lengths your dog will go to have your back.

Stay safe on the road. The goal is for your duo to see through the rest of your itinerary without any life-threatening disruptions.

Your dog can’t argue with you

You’re bound to do something stupid on the road. If you’re with another human being, chances are these stupid mistakes will bring about intense arguments. Now, if you only have a doggo by your side, you will be judged only quietly.

You won’t have someone telling you I told you so. However, your doggo might be thinking it, too.

Your dog will make your social media posts more interesting

Do you have hopes of becoming a travel influencer? Then post scenic photos with you and your dog in the foreground. Use relevant hashtags and make your posts discoverable by the public. In no time, you will be getting those likes and shares and follows from dog and travel enthusiasts alike.

Taking your dog to your next big adventure will make that adventure extra special. But before you pack your bags and leave, make sure to have your pup go through some positive reinforcement training first. That’s the only training method approved by The Humane Society. Basically, it’s where you use treats and praises to teach your dog whatever it is you deem crucial for them to learn.

Once your pup is properly trained, it’s time for the two of you to venture out into the great unknown. Make the most of the experience and come back home a better person.

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