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Sanitizing Your Home: Eco-Friendly Ways to Keep Your Home Clean and Green

Although it has always been a responsibility for homeowners to keep the house neat and tidy, now choosing to sanitize homes thoroughly has become imperative in order to ward off diseases and lower the risk of any potential factors that would affect the health of your family members. It’s also important to be mindful of the environment when doing the deed of cleaning within the corners of your own home.

Here are some ways you can keep your house clean and green:

Use Lemon for Cleaning Surfaces

Minimize the use of cleaning agents with chemicals and try to look for other cheaper remedies in your home like lemon. According to studies, there are several antibacterial and antiseptic qualities found in lemons, so they could be used as great alternatives as cleaning agents for housekeeping. You can place the peels and mix them with vinegar or water, and it could be bottled up and sprayed around the surfaces and spaces of the house like an actual sanitizer.

Regularly Clean Air Vents

The house’s ducts and vents are most prone to harbor dust particles that could potentially be harmful to the people living in the house, so it’s important to clean the filters either by yourself or through professional air duct cleaning in order to ensure that it is well-maintained and cleaned. This is a task that should be on your monthly duties when maintaining the house, especially if there are people that are allergic to dust or easily triggered with sickness. Contaminated air ducts are also one of the major contributors to pollution especially indoors, so it’s extremely important to clean them and leave them spotless both for the health of your own family and those around you.

Let Some Fresh Air in

opening a window

One of the few ways to help clean the house sometimes won’t come exactly from you but from nature herself. Free your house from possible toxins floating in the air within the house from being too closed off by opening up your windows every once in a while. Just because the toxins and dirt particles aren’t visible, doesn’t mean they’re not there. Opening your windows and letting fresh air in is the natural way of filtering the air inside your home.

Maximize the Use of Baking Soda

This simple, almost neglected staple in the kitchen actually has plenty of uses and this includes becoming an effective cleaning agent. Not only does it help clean spaces and surfaces like rugs or carpets, but it also takes away the odor and provide a scent not too strong compared to other cleaning chemicals. Mix baking soda with water until the texture is similar to paste where you can put on certain areas that you want to be cleaned and leave it overnight. The next morning, you can scrape it off the edges once it hardens and expect great results in terms of tidying up.

Cleaning the house is an important task, but even more so when it could affect the environment. It’s difficult to commit to always choose the natural way and may be costly for some, but if you can truly help and prevent sickness within your home, it would be much more worth it if you can do the same for the environment.


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