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Classification of Car Window Tinting Percentages

There are many upgrades you can install on your car once you drive it off the lot. While others are only designed to boost your car’s aesthetic value, some upgrades are essential for your comfort and the protection of your interiors. One of these is the installation of a car window tinting film. Window tinting will protect your car’s upholstery from harsh UV rays, a form of radiation which has been linked to accelerated aging and skin cancer.

Window tinting installed by a Phoenix-based expert will also give you shattered glass protection and enhance your car’s privacy. When shopping for your ideal window tint, there are different elements you should take into consideration. One of these is the percentage of the tint which will suffice for your needs. This percentage denotes the window tinting film’s light transmission. This is the light quantity which the film will allow through it. A low percentage is generally found in a dark film. The following are tidbits to help you grasp the available tinting film percentages and help you pick the right one.

50% Window Tinting

This will allow only 50% of sunlight to flow into your car’s interior. The film is not as dark and will allow a sunglasses-like view of the exteriors when driving. Though a 50% window tinting film will decrease glare and increase your visibility on the road, it will not do much to boost your privacy. This percentage might be the ideal solution for those looking for an anti-glare film rather than one designed for optimal privacy.

35% Window Tinting

This is noticeably darker compared to the 50% film. It only allows the passage of 35% of light into your car’s interiors. As such, it gives you more protection from UV rays and privacy compared to the 50% film.

20% Window Tinting

This is known as the factory tint. The inbuilt window tinting which most manufacturers will include on their vehicles at the factory is 15-20%. It only allows 20% of sunlight to filter into your interiors. However, this tint should not be confused with the products marketed as ‘factory windows’ by car manufacturers since these have no tint.

5% Window Tinting

Man smoothening tint foil on a car window

This is known as the limousine tint. It is the darkest window tinting film on the market and offers maximum privacy while allowing only 5% of sunlight to filter in. Though expensive, it is worth it for those aiming for a sleek and luxurious look for their vehicle.

Before settling on one of the above percentages for your window tinting film, you should check your state’s laws on what is allowed. Most states have a legal window tinting cap of 35% for the front windows and 5% for the back windows provided your car has dual-sided side mirrors.

There are several aftermarket tinting choices on the market. Film tinting kits are designed for a DIY application, but the film generally has visible bubbles and is of an inferior quality. In professional window tinting film application, your windows will be pre-treated, then a polymer film applied to guarantee an optimal look and performance.

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