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Important Home Pointers That You Need to Do Before the Storm

People living in an area that’s highly prone to flooding and hurricanes may need to evacuate immediately as soon as the weather system intensifies. That’s why it’s crucial to learn how to prepare your house for such conditions if you need to get out.

Consumer Reports says that there are ways to get your home ready before the storm. Besides staying informed about the weather news update, it’s also essential to ensure that your home has enough defenses to help it stay intact. So, here are a couple of things that you can do to help protect your home.

Take photos of everything in your house

Before the storm hits, Days walk around the house while holding a digital camera or a smartphone and take pictures of all your belongings. It’s best to be thorough about it and don’t pick on bigger-ticket items like your fridge and other big electrical appliances. Ensure that you take photographs of your clothing, cookware, and even your furniture. It’s a practical move, mostly if something happens to your house and you can’t find any of your belongings.

The first thing you need to do is walk through each of the rooms and take photographs of each area. Then, you can work your way through the bookcases, storage bins, etc. Insurance companies might even ask how many pairs of shoes you have in your closet. So, having photos of them will act as proof of everything you had.

Make sure that the water flows away from the house

If you have any furniture outside your house, then it’s best to bring them inside as soon as possible. You need to move loose items into your garage or elevate them so that they won’t get drenched during the storm. Fox 8 Live also suggests getting all the loose debris away from your property to prevent any accidents. It’s also crucial to get the water diverted away from your house and into the storm drains by hiring a drain cleaning every quarter. Doing so will prevent any water buildups from your property.

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Fortify all the openings

Every time there’s a hurricane, one of the first things that often fail in a house is the garage door. So, it’s best to brace every opening in your home to ensure it won’t get destroyed. Fortify your garage doors to protect them from getting wrecked. It would be best if you did the same with your doors and windows, too.

Keep in mind that any open hole in the home can cause depressurization during a hurricane. Thus, causing a house to collapse entirely. It’s also highly advisable to close all interior windows to reduce the pressure on the roof.

These are only a few of the things that can help you protect your house during a hurricane. Remember to always stay updated about the latest weather news so that you can better prepare yourselves. What’s important is that everyone in your family is entirely safe. You should also make sure that every power line inside your house to prevent any accidents.

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