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Six Big-Ticket Home Improvement Projects to Take During this Pandemic

In an October 2020 article published on the PR Newswire website, it was revealed that analyst projection indicated the spending on home improvements to reach a staggering $439.9 billion by the end of 2020. This is most probably because people are either afraid of going out of their homes due to the threat of getting infected or because of boredom resulting from lockdowns.

From makeshift outdoor pools to home offices, homeowners are renovating their homes to suit the functions they need. As remote work becomes the norm for many people, so do the prevalent conversions of the basement, attics, and other available spaces into a home office with facilities quite similar to one found in a typical commercial office.

If you have the money to fund a big-ticket project for your property, then consider these six ideas:

1. Garage.

A garage renovation of addition is easily a huge project that would require quite a considerable amount of money to finish. You may choose between a detached garage and one that is attached to your home. A detached garage typically costs anywhere between $25,000 to $40,000 and is ideal if you intend to also use it as a storage or work area for your DIY projects. An attached garage, meanwhile, ranges between $15,000 and $30,000 and is the perfect pick if you don’t want to spend on additional plumbing, heating, ventilation, and electrical wiring systems, which is essentially the case with a detached garage design.

2. Attic/basement conversion.

While attics and basements are usually used as storage areas in many homes, they have plenty of other potential uses such as a home office, additional bedroom, entertainment or panic room, and many others. In fact, you can convert your basement or attic into anything that you need as long you have the money to spend on the renovation work.

3. Second-floor addition.

bedroom interior

If your family has already added new members or the available space you have is already limited and you want to have more breathing room available, then a wise project should be a second-floor addition. As this project would require some lifting of heavy materials, you should contact a crane service company to haul steel frames, pre-cast concrete beams, and other heavy construction supplies. They have the right heavy equipment and trained people for the job so you can complete your project safely and quickly.

4. Boulder/rock garden.

A boulder or rock garden may not be as commonplace as other property improvement projects but it’s one option worth considering nonetheless. If you want to give your outdoor area a Zen-like feel to it, then a rock or boulder garden is just the perfect addition. This is another home upgrade where you’ll need lots of muscles in terms of manpower and heavy equipment so be sure to factor them in your budget and planning.

5. Pool installation.

Installing a pool, no matter how simple or small is easily considered as a big-ticket project with the budget required to construct one. We’re not talking here of those inflatable pools that one can easily set up during the summer months but a proper pool that would last for decades. You may choose from a lap pool, an Olympic size pool, an infinity pool, and a raised pool — whichever suits your budget, available outdoor space, and design taste.

6. Roof replacement.

Since the roof is constantly exposed to the elements like snow, sun, and rain, it’s by default one of the first parts of any home that would require a major repair. However, if the roofing that you currently have is already beyond repair or you just feel that it’s outdated, then a complete roof replacement is needed. Just be sure to hire a licensed and skilled contractor for this project since it’s not only costly but time-sensitive as well.

These big-ticket home upgrades will give your home more appealing, comfortable, and functional and make the ongoing pandemic easier to bear.

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