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Eight Male Celebrities Breaking the Gender Norms Through Fashion

When you were younger, how many times were you told that blue shirts are for boys only and pink skirts are for girls only? We are so glad that this mentality instilled in us is becoming obsolete. This kind of stereotype should bid adieu now as we enter a new year.

We can’t be more excited that celebrities are joining this movement of breaking the gender norms in fashion. Those celebrities include the following:

1. Harry Styles

Choices of clothing are not unusual for this former One Direction member. Harry Styles has been breaking gender norms in fashion. He has been expressive and proud of going beyond fashion stereotypes. And there is no sign that he will stop anytime soon.

While some people are not accepting of this style, this talented singer makes his own rules and continue to push gender neutrality and express himself through fashion. This might be the biggest factor as to why he deserved to be the first man to land a solo cover of Vogue magazine for the December 2020 issue.

He sported a lace-trimmed Gucci gown—truly a gender-bending attire—on the cover that gained both praise and criticism on social media.

His influences do not stop in fashion. A plastic surgeon in Miami, Florida said that men are lining up at his clinic to get a lip injection. Guess whose picture of a macho mouth these men are showing the doctor to copy: Harry Styles’s.

2. Timothée Chalamet

The Call Me by Your Name star is not afraid to experiment with his ungendered fashion preferences. From wearing a full pastel pink corduroy Thom Browne suit to rocking a traditionally feminine code (florals), this young star proves that he can be an equally fearless dresser on the red carpet.

3. Lauv

While we haven’t seen this singer wear skirts, we think that his love for vibrant mini purses is a high-fashion accessory that every girl and boy should love.

4. Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith, who debuted in the movie The Pursuit of Happiness alongside his father, Will Smith, has been appearing in events wearing men’s and women’s clothing. And similar to Harry Styles, Jaden Smith has been photographed wearing skirts several times. He smashes the gender norms by wearing whatever he wants. Boy can this gentleman rock both!

He is not afraid to express himself that he even launched a gender-neutral clothing line. Jaden Smith believes that when it comes to fashion, there should be no limit.

man and woman shopping for clothes

5. BTS

The way this popular K-pop boy band dresses proves that clothing has no gender boundaries. Their frequent use of pastel color to wear while they perform presents more gender fluidity. We can see them confidently wearing clothes from women’s collections. And who says a manicure is meant for girls only? These boys—without a care in the world—surely know how to rock it, too.

6. Jared Leto

This rock star and actor takes pride in wearing skirts, dresses, and even heels to express himself and crash the gender norm walls. He even tweeted: “Real Men Wear Skirts.”

The 30 Seconds to Mars vocalist enjoys exploring different eccentric looks. He admitted that he once walked on the streets of New York City dressed as a woman. Surprisingly, no one seemed to pay attention to him.

7. Keiynan Lonsdale

Another one on the list is this talented Australian actor and singer. He is best known for his role in the gay-teen movie called Love, Simon.

The Internet was not so kind to him when he tweeted a photo of him sporting skirts and dresses. One guy told him to stop wearing them. Keiynan handled the troll well. He responded politely, saying that the hater should try it himself. He said that it’s just a piece of clothing and that it’s fun.

8. Billy Porter

Have you seen his gown from the 91st Annual Academy Awards red carpet? How stunning was that? The Emmy-award-winning actor’s iconic black tuxedo with a twist had everyone turning heads. His bold ensembles, gigantic gowns, and embroidered capes are what made people want to see more of his fashion looks, especially on the red carpet. Without a doubt, Billy Porter has become one of the faces of gender-neutral fashion.

We look forward to the day when no one can tell you what you can and cannot wear based on your gender. Meanwhile, we are ecstatic to see the younger generation starting to care less about what they must or must not wear. It’s even nice to know that more and more celebrities are joining this movement.


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