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Four Ways to Purge and Declutter Your Jewelry Box

Owning a jewelry collection is every woman’s (or man’s) finest treasures. The fun of collection jewelry represents your lifestyle and aesthetics while allowing you to add color and vibrance to your everyday outfits.

Jewelry pieces range from vintage, contemporary, and bridal designs. For those who can’t afford real jewelry settle on fancy pieces and beaded jewelry. Shopping for jewelry is even harder. You want to ensure it fits your personality, tastes, and most of all, your budget. If your significant other is an avid jewelry collector, you can find the perfect diamond engagement ring for her in reputable bridal jewelry stores.

Over the years, you have probably accumulated a number of jewelry pieces you no longer need. The problem with having an extensive jewelry collection is the difficulty of seeing which ones you actually need. As a result, you don’t really know what you have, and you eventually forget even your most-loved pieces.

Like your house, your jewelry box needs deep cleaning too. To help spring-clean your jewelry collection, here are ways to purge your jewelry box.

Find the right storage

Think of those times when you’re scrambling to find your matching earrings or removing the tangles from multiple necklaces. Imagine how much time and energy you wasted.

If you do not have a decent jewelry collection or storage system, and you have been casually storing your jewelry in random ways, it is about time to purge and get organized.

Depending on your aesthetic preference, jewelry boxes come in different styles, shapes, and sizes. The most popular styles are traditional Victorian, simple craftsman style, music boxes, and jewelry armoires. The ideal jewelry box should have separate compartments of different sizes to store bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings. You can also buy separate jewelry boxes and assign each one depending on the frequency of use.

You can also maximize multipurpose furniture such as wall-hanging or freestanding mirrors that opens like a medicine cabinet. You can also repurpose your drawer organizers and create your own compartments.

Don’t confuse sentimentality with monetary value

The most common mistake of owning a jewelry collection is confusing sentimentality with the actual monetary value. Keep in mind that having strong feelings or fond memories for an item does not mean it is also valuable monetarily. Some even refuse to part ways with their jewelry because their feelings for it make it expensive.

Learning to detach from our emotions is important when decluttering jewelry. You have to clarify for yourself that sentimentality isn’t equivalent to monetary value. This way, you can unwrap your emotions about keeping it.

Still, certain pieces are both sentimental and monetarily valuable. If that’s the case, you have the choice of keeping your jewelry for good.

couple picking out a ring

Don’t keep a jewelry item out of guilt

Another reason most people hoard jewelry is the feelings of guilt towards the people who gave it to them, whether it is from a family member, a friend, or a significant other.

The basic rule is not to let guilt prevent you from getting rid of a jewelry item, especially if it brings negative memories. As long as you don’t wear it anymore, what’s the point of letting it sit and unworn. Keeping a jewelry piece merely out of guilt will only add up to your emotional clutter.

Of course, some items are also worth keeping if your memories with them are worth remembering. But never keep something simply because you’re guilty about parting from it.

Purge the unnecessary pieces

If you’ve lost the other pair of your earrings, there’s no reason to keep it, especially if it has been years since the last time you searched. If it is a costume earring, try the mismatched-earring trend or just simply throw it away. It is useless to let an orphaned earring take up space in your jewelry box if you no longer wear it.

Tarnished cheapies are also worth throwing away. Although uncleaned or unworn precious metals are easy to restore, the cheaper ones you got from Zara or Forever 21 may not be worth keeping or repairing. We’re talking about items that are showing signs of damage, such as flaking gold plates, unglued fake gemstones, and passe pieces.

Your jewelry box should contain all the stuff you enjoy and will wear. Purging and changing how you store jewelry is the best way to save time and frustration when you’re getting ready because you can delve right into the ones you’re looking for. Plus, you’ll have extra space for incoming pieces.

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