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Skip the Foundation: Ways to Get that Glowy, Naturally Beautiful Skin

Think of your personal beauty routine as something like a house. You have the freedom to paint the walls whatever color you want and arrange the furniture pieces in a way that would make the space pulled together.

But, if you don’t have a solid foundation, no amount of décor is going to salvage your entire space. The same is true when it comes to having a proper skin routine, whether you’re into organic or herbal skincare or a nice mixture of different types available.

So, whether you have that cherub-looking face, are magnificently mature, or a fan of either the no-makeup makeup look or the Instagram full-on glam, a fresh and dewy complexion is the most essential beauty weapon you should have. Here’s how you can achieve just that:


Unevenness is one of the biggest causes of a dull complexion. To address this skin issue, dermatologists highly recommend retinol and other retinoids. These are forms of Vitamin A, which are effective in speeding up the skin’s natural turnover – the process in which new ones replace old skin cells.

When there’s a faster cell turnover, you can expect more production of collagen, which is the framework that gives the skin its plump texture and glow. The more collagen you have in your system, the better you can expect your skin to look like.

However, here’s something to keep in mind: retinoids can cause skin irritation. So, it’s best to start with over-the-counter retinol first at low concentration. Once you’ve started seeing some results, gradually build it up.


This protein isn’t only great for the skin, but it also gives the entire body a boost. So, while you’re focusing on products that increase the production of collagen for your skin, you can also keep your overall health in real condition.

Other than skin vitamins, mixable powders, and bone broth, there are collagen supplements you can take that are incredibly in-demand right now. True, there’s very little scientific evidence that proves their effectiveness when it comes to improving your skin’s condition.

But they still work for many of the body’s systems where collagen is necessary, such as your eyes and ligaments. Therefore, including these supplements in your diet certainly has its benefits.

Vitamin C

beautiful woman massaging her face

If you’re focused on brightening up dark spots and addressing any pigmentation issues on your skin, Vitamin C is something you should never skip. Also known as ascorbic acid, Vitamin C is always in every skin brightening product as it is known to disturb the development of pigmentation.

Once you’ve found the right product, those spots caused by the lack of SPF will be less noticeable with regular application. This may sound like another addition to your already loaded skincare routine, but it’s actually incredibly easy to incorporate to your everyday must-dos.

Before applying your moisturizer, apply a few drops of your chosen Vitamin C serum in the morning.

However, keep in mind that not all Vitamin C products guarantee the same results. In most cases, those that provide the most consistent results are the pricier ones.

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