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Creative Ways You Can Stay on Your Keto Diet While Traveling

Are you on a keto diet but need to travel? Don’t worry. The good news is you can continue with your diet anywhere you are. Through careful planning, you can maintain your lifestyle and still eat the way you have always been. Here are some ways to take note of:

Preparations for the Trip

Do some research beforehand. First, check if there are restaurants that prepare keto meals. Consider staying in big cities so that the choices are greater. Second, choose accommodations where the food in their menu are high in fat and low in carbohydrates. If you can’t find any, then at least choose a place where you can cook. Buy (or bring) some ingredients and prepare your meals.

Find nearby grocery stores, especially organic shops, as they’re more likely to have what you need. Healthy food stores usually have vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and keto-friendly snacks. Some groceries, for instance, serve rotisserie chicken which is considered a keto option. If you can’t find any, take note of recipes or create your own keto salad instead. Buy ingredients such as greens, bacon, yogurt, cheese, hummus, and egg, tuna, or chicken salad to get started.

You should also pack some snacks like ketogenic cookies, nuts, and chocolate. This ensures that you won’t be hungry. Bringing snacks like these allow you to go on walking tours for countless of hours since you’re well-energized. You can also eat a full meal before leaving the house if it’s only a day tour.

When You Arrive

Asian couple enjoying a snack at a restaurantOne of the things you can practice is intermittent fasting. Have two large meals — one in the morning and one in the evening. This lets you maintain your keto diet when traveling. Make sure that your big meals are filled with protein and fat. Eat bacon and eggs for breakfast and something equivalent to these for dinner.

As mentioned, search for restaurants that serve keto meals before you arrive. You can also try asking around. For example, you can ask the bell boy or a local you met while touring. If you’re on a work trip, ask your colleagues about it.

If keto meals are hard to find, be creative. For example, try asking the waiter to give more vegetables and skip the bread. Order a salad (with an olive oil and vinegar dressing) or steak, which can pass off as a keto meal. You can also request to use butter for your vegetables or lettuce wrap instead of a bun for your burger. Of course, these all depend if your requests are possible. Also, be nice when asking.

Lastly, bring some keto coffee with you. This will keep you feeling full longer. You can also buy MCT or coconut oil to go with your coffee. This will increase your fat intake and will prevent sudden hunger.

Do these tips make you more excited for your trip? You should be because you can go on your keto diet anywhere you are. It’s simple to do. You just need some creativity and ingenuity. With that, enjoy your trip and your keto lifestyle!

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