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Skin Habits for Active People: What to Include

No matter how much money we spend on beauty and skincare products, there’s going to be a point that wrinkles and lines will appear, especially as we age. However, aging is different for each person and is usually affected by different factors, such as the environment.

But compared to most people who don’t necessarily have to sweat it out every day, most individuals who do have to sweat it out most of the time, like gym instructors, athletes, and travelers, will need to have a more “specialized” form of skincare. Most professional athletes and individuals who travel have to expose their skin to various environmental factors, which can often cause the skin to dry or increase the rate of aging.

But even though air pollution, contact with hard surfaces, sweat, and a variety of different factors can be hard on the skin, it’s still possible to take care of it. There are many formulas that most professionals use to ensure that their skin stays in a pristine condition despite having an active lifestyle.

But for most individuals that don’t really have the means of affording such formulas, what are some simple habits and practices that you can do? Here are some tips for ensuring that your skin stays in good condition, even when exposed to the elements.

Use Versatile Moisturizers

When you’re sweating, your skin is essentially regulating temperature through the evaporation process. Although sweating can help keep you cool, this can also try out your skin. Luckily, there are a variety of moisturizers that you can use that can help retain moisture. Some travelers and athletes would use body oil placed on a damp cloth and applied on the skin right after bathing right before applying lotion.

Layer with a Moisturizer

If you’re keen on swimming in the pool, you’ll notice that chlorine can cause your skin to dry up. Together with chlorine, the sun can easily take a toll on your skin if you’re not too careful. Swimmers are known for layering their skin with moisturizer, which can create a “barrier” that will ensure that your skin won’t dry up right after you get out of the water.

It’s important not to use too much moisturizer or sunscreen if you’re swimming in the ocean since this can easily contaminate and damage marine life.

Protect Yourself from UV Rays

When you’re always out, you’re bound to get a good amount of sunlight. While being exposed to the sun can be good for the body since it’s a vitamin D source, too much sunlight can cause our skin to age. In fact, mere hours of exposure to sunlight can already cause sunburn while also increasing the likelihood of wrinkling in the skin.

It’s important to apply some sunscreen to your skin. Most experts would suggest having sunscreen around an SPF of 55 while reapplying after a few hours.

Let Your Skin Breathe

woman outside

It’s expected that athletes and travelers will sweat out liters of fluids when they’re going hiking or doing physical activities. For some people, sweat can easily evaporate, especially if they’re in windy and dry regions, which can help with temperature regulation. But for most individuals living in humid areas, sweat won’t easily evaporate, which can often lead to acne when it’s mixed in with dirt, debris, and bacteria.

There are various skincare products and toners that can work well in any condition while effectively negating the effects of sweat as it removes bacteria from your skin’s surface. Some of the best face toners in the market can be used for a variety of different environments while helping remove any excess dirt and debris that comes into contact with your skin. Not only will this keep your skin clear, but this can also mitigate the likelihood of acne from forming.

Rotate Between Cleansers

Most men focused on contact sports will usually use facial cleansers and just simple moisturizing washes for their skin. You don’t necessarily have to spend too much on intricate skincare products. Travelers have also been using makeup removers and makeup wipes as a way of cleaning the skin.

Eat Healthily

Lastly, one of the best ways of taking care of your skin is by having a healthy lifestyle and diet. Most dietitians and experts would suggest drinking shakes that are made with fruits and vegetables. Vegetables rich with vitamin A, such as carrots, are great for skin elasticity and health.

There are a variety of different ways of taking care of our skin. We don’t have to limit ourselves to some practices in this list, as there are ways that you can keep your skin young and moisturized. Ultimately, you don’t have to worry too much about your skin when you’re working out, cycling, or swimming. Still, having a strict skincare regimen can work wonders!

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