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Things All Remote Worker Needs to Thrive in Their Career

Working remotely can be a challenge. You have no coworker to talk to personally and no supervisor you can go to every time you need to clarify things. You are on your own when it comes to managing your time and taking care of distractions. It can be easy to feel lonely and isolated while the stress of housework and your job can impact your mental health. Indeed, working remotely poses unique challenges making it quite an experience.

Do you have plans to find a remote job? Or maybe your company already made you start working from home? Here are a few must-knows so you can thrive remotely.

The Right Tools and Equipment

One may think just about any working computer is enough to fulfill the duties of a remote worker. But in reality, the kind of equipment you need will depend on your tasks. Know that not all companies provide their employees with a set of equipment especially if you are applying for a remote job.

Before you jump on any remote work, make sure to invest in a computer powerful enough to support the tasks expected of the roles you are to apply for. Ensure you have a fast and stable connection and the right productivity tools to help you stay on track. Never choose a cheap price or your quality of work will be affected in one way or another.

A Dedicated Home Office

A remote worker must have their own quiet and isolated work office. Admit it or not, our own home can have different distractions that can stop us from being productive. Think of your kids, pets, noisy neighbors, loud traffic, guests that come and go, and family members who don’t know the meaning of home and work boundary.

Aside from these distractions, inanimate objects can also ruin your mood and take your focus away from your work. This can include your phone, the television, your piling household chores, and social media. With a dedicated and inspiring workstation, a bit of discipline, and by setting boundaries between work and personal life, you will find it easier to thrive remotely.

As much as possible, create your own space where you can eliminate or reduce distractions while working. Invest in the right office furniture and decorate the area with things that can boost your productivity, mood, and motivation. You will find it easier to work in an environment that physically separates your home from your home office.

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At Least Two Contingency Plans

One can never tell when things can go south. You can end up losing an internet connection, a broken computer, or even experience power interruption. You should already have at least two contingency plans in case something goes wrong.

For instance, having a backup computer and storing your work in the cloud eliminates interrupted work hours. In case your computer breaks, you can easily access your files from the cloud. It also pays to know the contact details of a local IT service provider who can fix your computer issues as needed.

You should also have a backup plan in case your internet connection fails or if you live in an area where you often experience power outages. You can invest in a portable generator and a wireless internet backup. It is also a good idea to know a few coworking spaces near your home in case your first backup plan fails.

It is also not a good idea to only rely on a single income. You may have enough rainy day funds to last you at least six months and already started your retirement savings. But an additional income or two to add into your income stream and give you better peace of mind in case you lose your main source of income.

Social Life

Everyone, including introverts, needs to have a healthy social life. We are inherently social creatures. This is the very reason why love and belongingness are part of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Without family, friendship, intimacy, and a sense of connection, you will feel unhappy, isolated, and unfulfilled. Working remotely can isolate you from your family and friends. This is why you need to start nurturing your social life by balancing your time between remote work and your personal life.

Dedicate your most productive hours for work and make time to spend quality time with your family and friends. Ensure you give your pets and children enough attention each day to assure them of your love.

The Ability to Say No When Needs

It is easy to say yes to additional work especially if it meant adding more cash to your paycheck. But this can backfire in different ways. You can end up being burned out and you can lose precious time for your loved ones.

Learn to say no especially if it meant always going beyond your working hours. Create a healthy boundary between your work and personal life. Remember that your mental health also matters.

You will face notable issues while working remotely. If you want to have a thriving and satisfying remote career, then you need to arm yourself with the right investments. You can use this shortlist as your guide so you can better adjust to your work environment.

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