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Materials Used for Chimney Caps

One of the integral elements in your home’s interior décor is a fireplace. This will radiate a warm and inviting atmosphere that will form the perfect crowning element to your interiors.  Several aspects will nonetheless pose considerable risk to your fireplace’s integrity key among them water. Water gains access to your fireplace through the chimney that allows the escape of smoke and gases from your fire.

To guarantee that the chimney does not contribute to your fireplace’s water damage, a chimney cap that matches the metal roofing of your Salt Lake City property is essential. This is an overlay for your chimney’s top that will keep out debris and moisture while allowing the escape of smoke. There are several style options for chimney caps, but the best choice is to pick a material that will match your roof. Here are the material options for chimney caps.

Galvanized Steel

This marks the least expensive material alternative for your chimney cap. A galvanized steel chimney cap will last for at least five years provided its zinc coating is not compromised. These chimney caps often feature basic designs and are painted black. If you are not so keen on an exceptionally-looking chimney cap, you can settle for galvanized steel.


This material is also a relatively inexpensive choice for your chimney cap. Aluminum chimney caps have better corrosion resistance compared to galvanized steel ones though they are not so strong or durable. This is partly because they are lightweight and thus more prone to destruction from harsh weather elements, birds, and animals. Aluminum, however, is more aesthetically appealing compared to galvanized steel since its shiny and bright finish makes it look sophisticated. There are also several design variations for aluminum chimney caps, and they maintain their shine even with minimal cleaning.

Stainless Steel

This material marks the perfect balance between cost and performance. Stainless steel chimney caps are slightly more costly compared to those made from galvanized steel, but they are stronger than the latter. Moreover, they are rust-proof and quite strong to withstand harsh weather. Most metal fabricators have extended warranties for stainless steel caps as they are guaranteed of superior performance. These chimney caps are also naturally shiny and will not tarnish, making them one of the attractive chimney cap alternatives.


roof with chimney cap

This is the best choice for property owners looking the most attractive material for their chimney cap. You can opt to preserve the natural color of copper or allow its development of a natural green patina. Copper chimney caps will match homes with brickwork and are the perfect choice for historic homes. They are also corrosion-resistant, heavy, strong, and durable. Though costly, the caps often come with a lifetime warranty.

People assume their fireplaces are infallible and do not need much after their installation. Without chimney caps made of any of the above materials, however, your fireplace will not only crumble but also compromise your roof’s integrity. This is because it forms a weak point that water will seep through and compromise the layers used for your roofing. You should thus get a metal fabricator to custom-make your chimney cap immediately you have a fireplace installed.


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