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Take a Walk Down Memory Lane: Experience the Charm of Manila

With over 7,000 islands, hospitable people, and vibrant culture, visiting the Philippines is one great decision. You would not get short of exciting things to do, explore, and experience here. For a lot of tourists who come to the Philippines, Manila — the capital city — is but a stopover to get to the other islands. But, if you really want to make the most of your visit, do not skip Manila! Plan to spend at least a day here.

How can you do as much with so little time? Start with rent-a-car services in Manila, Philippines, with plenty of options for self-drive cars. It’s your ticket to Manila’s most wondrous sights.

Being able to drive and explore the city at your own pace has its benefits. For one, it allows you to follow the track that you want and make your trip a lot more enjoyable. It will also keep you comfortable throughout the journey, away from the hassles of large crowds and grueling commute — just you and your travel buddies.

Once you have a car, you are about ready to take on a trip to Manila’s fantastic attractions and discover its rich and colorful past.


If you talk about exploring the old vibe of Manila and the entire Philippines, Intramuros must be the first destination on your list. Also known as the walled city, you can find this at the very heart of Manila, signified by majestic stone walls, fortresses, and other old structures, such as churches and precolonial houses.

When you come to Intramuros, you may park your car and hop on a horse-drawn carriage, locally known as calesa, and see its various attractions only a few meters away from each other. The Manila Cathedral, San Agustin Church, Fort Santiago, and Plaza San Luis are just some of the spots worth visiting. They showcase not just what old Manila used to be but also the majestic architecture from which the famed structures were built.

Rizal Park

The Philippines’ national hero, Jose Rizal, faced his death in Bagumbayan where he was shot by a squad during the Spanish colonial period. Bagumbayan, now called Luneta Park, is an urban park with three sections that spans no less than 16 hectares. It is mainly visited for its historical significance because it houses the national hero’s monument, but it is definitely so much more. There are themed gardens, such as the Japanese Garden, Chinese Garden, and Children’s Playground; educational establishments, such as the National Library, the National Museum, and the National Planetarium; and a musical dancing fountain that livens up the ambience come night time.

Manila Chinatown

Manila China town

Another attraction you cannot miss is Binondo, which is considered the world’s oldest Chinatown. The influence and contribution of the Chinese in world culture is pretty evident, and this amazing place is your gateway to explore that further. You know what’s most exciting? A tour of Binondo or Manila’s Chinatown is mostly about gastronomic pleasure. Enjoy the most delicious Filipino-Chinese fusions from among the countless food stores and restaurants here. Take a bite of delectable treats such as hopia, lumpia, dim sum and dumplings, congee, noodles, siopao and so much more!

Manila is a worthy stop before you explore other popular vacation sites in the Philippines. Do not miss the chance to walk through a preserved past and experience history through cultural sites as well as delicious treats.

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