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5 Unique Bathrooms Around the World

A bathroom may appear simple, but its construction is actually quite complex. Accordingly, it entails multiple steps that include deciding on the type of bathroom wall lining, layout, lighting and fixtures, waterproof materials, plumbing fittings, and décor.

Needless to say, each individual has their own preferences when it comes to the different factors in building a bathroom. Lifestyle needs also require varying considerations. However, some bathrooms take the word ‘different’ to the next level by showcasing characteristics that you don’t always see in regular bathing areas.

Below, we have compiled several quirky bathrooms — some have creative concepts while others are just downright strange, but all are astonishing in their own way — from multiple parts of the world:

Soroi Serengeti Lodge

Located in Tanzania, this luxurious outdoor bath boasts of an open-air shower that overlooks a perfect view of the Serengeti. However, you don’t have to worry about privacy as the area is secluded. When we say secluded, we meant from people, but not the forest creatures.

According to Timbuktu Travel, if you visit this lodge around May to July, you have a chance to catch the Great Migration herds while enjoying a shower session. Now, you can pretend to be Tarzan or Jane as you delight in the awe-inspiring jungle sights.

Mumin Papa Café

Sea creatures in bathroom wallpapers are common. However, this beach-side bathroom in Akashi, Japan takes the aquatic design to the next level by actually having a live aquarium enveloping the stall.

The construction of this underwater restroom amounts to an estimated $270,000 and is only open for ladies. You may want to give this restroom a visit, but only if you’re not bothered by the fact that a giant sea turtle swims around as you relieve yourself.

Yangrenjie Street

In this certain street in Chongqing, China, an Egyptian-themed restroom can be found. So what exactly makes this bathroom unique? Well, it’s the largest restroom in the world, at 32,290 square feet with a thousand toilets and four stories. If the size doesn’t amaze you yet, here’s a plus: it also features oddly shaped urinals, music, and televisions! It’s no wonder why it’s such a hit among tourists.

Zhongguan Village Plaza

In Beijing, China, you can visit what is probably the safest bathroom in the world. The construction of this public restroom costs about $100,000, and here’s the catch: it’s bulletproof. In fact, according to Popular Mechanics, it’s immune to explosives. This appears to be a part of a series of China’s products against terrorism.

Baines Camp

Bathroom design

Botswana is known for its amazingly clear skies. In fact, they even inspired an author, Stephen James O’Meara, to write a book entitled “Diamonds in the Sky: Discover the Stars Over Botswana.” Well, if you can afford a luxury suite at Baines Camp, you can soak in a lavish outdoor bathtub while also stargazing. How’s that for a superb way to end a safari trip?

Bathrooms are difficult to design, but the ones discussed above prove that some people are willing to make the building process even more difficult. Of course, as mentioned previously, bathrooms should suit the needs and preferences of the homeowner so unless you’re into eccentric features, it’s best to prioritize basic functionality and style.


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