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Injuries That Can Destroy a Man’s Quality of Life

You will come across men who lead a very active lifestyle. It means that they engage in various sports activities, adrenaline-pumping activities, and more. Remaining fit with such activities is one side of the coin. Many instances can lead to more detrimental situations in life.

If you are a man reading this, you should note all the injuries that occur while being active. If you do not take the necessary precautions, it can hamper the quality of your life. Moreover, identifying the early symptoms is also essential. This will help you to take preventive steps in minimizing the damage.

Spinal Injury

This is the first injury that we are going to talk about here. It can happen to any of the bones or cartilage in the spinal cord. The nerves may also fall prey at times. If you have felt pain or any odd sensation in your spinal cord lately, then you should go to the doctor to at least check if everything is fine. If you do not get it treated early, it can lead to issues with the limbs and lower part of the body.

However, look out for the tell-tale signs like disbalance, numbness in hands and toes, and impaired body postures. Trauma is often behind most spine injuries. Moreover, neglecting spine injuries can hamper your fertility as well.  The Schroth scoliosis therapy is one of the options for patients with spine issues. The modality is based on physiotherapy-based exercises, and most renowned doctors worldwide will recommend this treatment.


This is another injury that men often succumb to, during or after intense workout sessions. It involves the inflammation of the tendons. You will feel tenderness in the joints. You will mostly feel this in your shoulders, elbows, knees, heels, and wrists. Moreover, do not get confused by the various names like tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, or swimmer’s shoulder. They are all forms of tendinitis. You can get treatment easily. However, you might have to stop all workouts and strenuous sessions to recuperate.

If you experience a dull ache, mild swelling, or tenderness, you should definitely see a doctor. Repetitive motions can lead to tendinitis. If you are not utilizing proper movements, it can lead to this disease. Age is also another risk factor here. If you do not get appropriate treatment, it may lead to further complications, like tendinosis. Your doctor might consider a physical examination to diagnose the problem. If your joints make creaky noises, it is mainly due to thickened joint cartilages. You may have to take OTC medication or ice packs. If the problem persists, you might require physical massages, stretching exercises, or shock wave therapy.

knee injury

Knee Injury

If you are into trekking, cycling, climbing, and hiking extensively, you might experience this. Moreover, it is quite common for both men and women. It is especially more evident in both genders after the 50s. Knee bursitis is a problem in which the sac filled with a fluid called bursa is inflamed. The sac acts as a shock absorber. You have two bursas. Most knee injuries occur as a result of a fall or trauma. If you are into active sports or have hurt yourself during an expedition, it is time to get checked for internal injuries around the knee plate, joint, or cap.

The symptoms of knee injury vary from one condition to another. Osteoporosis in the aged is also a cause for concern. The symptoms vary from injury to injury. However, you may not be able to differentiate that easily. The main signs of a knee injury are knee swelling, pain, creaky noises, redness, and locking problems. A general practitioner can understand if there is a problem with your knee. However, if you go to a healthcare facility in an emergency, a medicine specialist will examine you normally. The orthopedist is your savior in such cases. Apart from splinting and knee exercises, you might have to take injections. Arthroscopy is a common surgical procedure that can solve your knee-related pains.

Muscle Pull and Strains

When you overstretch your muscles, a muscle pull or strain can occur. They are most common in the shoulders, lower back, neck, and hamstring. You will not be able to move around in such cases freely. Some symptoms of such strains and pulls are redness, numbness, soreness, bruising, and weakness. If you do not warm up properly before any strenuous workout, it may lead to such injuries.

Moreover, overexertion during workouts is another cause for males. Your doctor will advise rest after diagnosis. Furthermore, you will be asked to use ice packs and OTC medicines. You can go for self-care like keeping the area elevated, engaging in stretching before any activity. If the pain does not subside in a week or two, you have to go for X-rays and scans. Your doctor will explain the next course of action after that.

These are a few injuries that active and outgoing men mostly suffer from. You will come across plenty more. Therefore, take the right approach to mitigate the risks.

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