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The Art of Appreciating Architecture in Your Travels

Traveling excites your senses and opens your eyes to the beauty of the world. You learn how to stop for a while to marvel at the foreign sights and sounds. Among the things that have probably stopped you in your tracks is the beauty of different architectural structures you see for the first time.

Appreciating architecture can become a worthwhile pursuit if you want. But if you want to fall in love more deeply with a certain structure or design, there are some things that you need to take into account. It’s very much like building a kitchen cabinet or cooking your favorite dishes – there are some steps that you cannot simply ignore.

Below are some of the pointers you may want to keep in mind:

Read up on the building’s history

Sometimes, the building’s design is too stunning and moving that you will find yourself wanting to learn more about it. Indulge yourself and read up on the building’s history. Usually, buildings have commemorative plaques that briefly tell a story about the structure – from its design to inspiration. If you’re not satisfied with the information you get, you can always look things up online. Also, consider talking to the building’s curator or caretaker; they surely have some valuable trivia to share.

View the building from a different viewpoint

Buildings have their different photogenic sides. If you have seen a building from one side, you may choose to go to another viewpoint or observation deck to appreciate its other parts. If you’re in Taipei, Taiwan, don’t just look up at the building downtown; go up to the Elephant Hill to see it in its full glory. Some tour operators may offer helicopter trips; you may want to try it if you want to see the building’s other sides.

Get inside and admire the interiors

architecture interior

Architecture is not just about the minarets, facades, and exterior heights. It also encompasses what is inside the structure. So don’t just stand outside; go in and appreciate the interiors. For example, if you’re visiting Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona, Spain, you ought to go inside to see the otherworldly and magnificent interiors that are a testament to Antoni Gaudi’s genius. The same applies when you visit the mosques in Brunei. Step inside to see the grandiose and opulence of the structure.

Take photographs

Now that you have seen the architectural marvel in person, you need to preserve your memory with it. You can either take a picture or video of it. If possible, you can document your adventure both during daytime and nighttime. This is because some architectures look utterly different yet equally stunning at night.

Appreciating design is appreciating life

Appreciating architecture is one pursuit or hobby that will eventually lead you to high art appreciation. But it is definitely more than that, as architecture appreciation allows you to absorb and experience the genius of the artists who created the marvel. It is one way of appreciating the main inspiration for these works: life.

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