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Win Your Social Security Disability Claim with These Tips

Applying for a Social Security disability claim can be frustrating. There are tons of applicants who are getting denied at the initial application stage, so you won’t want it to happen to you. Understanding how the Social Security disability in Utah works is one key to claiming your rightful benefits. And to help you win your case, we listed some tips so you can get through with the process.

Apply for disability benefits immediately

It is a common belief that you need to be disabled for a certain period to claim a benefit. But it’s precisely the opposite. You need to apply for disability benefits in Utah as soon as you are disabled. There is a mandatory period of five months before you can receive your benefits. The application process usually takes three to five months, and this time counts as part of the said mandatory five months.

Also, the Disability Determination Services (DDS) or Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) will likely deny your application if you wait for months or years to apply for your claim. They may think that your condition is not severe enough to merit the benefits. Timing is critical; that’s why you should make a claim right after the onset of your disability.

Follow your doctor to the “T”

Not only does following your doctor help improve your overall health, but it will also show the judges that you’re committed to getting better. Make sure to take the medications your doctor prescribed to you. Also, don’t miss any therapy session or health and wellness regimens your doctor will set. But as you follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter, make sure to keep records of your activities as well. Doctor prescriptions and signed check-in forms can help convince judges to grant you your disability benefits.

And this one goes without saying: stick to one doctor. Having regular visits with a single doctor increases the validity of your claim. It allows you to work with him for all the documents you need to apply for disability benefits. It’s convenient for you in every aspect of the process.

Face the judges appropriately

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When facing the DDS or ALJ, you need to show respect. We know how stressful the process is, and how it’s easy to lose patience with what you’re going through. But keep in mind that the judges are also bombarded with similar cases every day. They are also doing their best for the applicants, so be in your best behavior when you face with them. This includes proper etiquette like dressing appropriately, arriving on time, and addressing them accordingly.

Also, honesty can go a long way to help your case. Don’t ever try to exaggerate your claim. They will know if you are telling the truth with their years of experience handling cases. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to overshare, too. Don’t disclose sensitive information like your alcohol history or criminal record unless they asked you. Such information could be counterproductive for your claim.

For better chances of winning your case, we highly advise you seek help from disability advocates. They are well-trained in handling cases like yours and can significantly help you with the process, from gathering the required documents to advising how you should present yourself before the judges. With the tips above, we hope to ease out the process for you and get the disability benefits you deserve.


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