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How to Remove Stretch Marks Permanently

Stretch marks are a rather touchy subject. They’re commonly found in moms who willingly bore them to give birth to their child. It’s a heroic deed indeed, and some of you moms out there might even love your battle marks. And this is fine. But for some moms, stretch marks might be causing anxiety, and in that case, it’s better to have them removed.

Some people who’ve had a significant height or weight increase can also have stretch marks along their buttocks or the back of their legs. If you’re one of them and you want to restore the flawless beauty of your skin, there are ways to remove stretch marks permanently:

Medical Treatments

If you’re going to remove your stretch marks permanently and quickly, the best way to do this is to undergo cosmetic surgery. That is if you have the budget for it.

Laser treatment of stretch marks is one possible surgery. According to dermatologist Dr. Arask Akhavan, MD, the ICON 1540 Fractional Laser is the only FDA-approved laser treatment for stretch marks, with 50 to 75 percent improvement in the appearance of stretch marks after a few sessions.

You can also try a tummy tuck, which is a cosmetic procedure that eliminates stretch marks. It also removes excess fat and skin from your abdomen. Medically known as abdominoplasty, this surgical procedure will give your skin and firmer and flatter look.

If you want to undergo a laser or cosmetic surgery in Utah, be sure to find a clinic that has a good reputation or track record.

Home-made Remedies

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If surgeries aren’t really your thing, you can also try several home-made remedies. These remedies are more affordable and less invasive.

The first thing that you can try is microneedling. In microneedling, you’ll be using a derma roller with lots of tiny needles to make several small punctures on the affected area. This forces the skin to produce new collagen, which helps to fade the appearance of your stretch marks.

Applying Vitamin A on your stretch marks can also help reduce their appearance. Also referred to as retinoid, Vitamin A makes skin appear younger and smoother. You can take vitamin A orally or apply a topical extract on your stretch marks. It’s also best to consume foods that are high in Vitamin A content, such as carrots and sweet potatoes.

You can also apply coconut oil to help fade your marks. Coconut oil has been found to reduce the healing time of skin wounds in rats. You can also try aloe vera, which has been found to help the skin heal by moisturizing it.

The thing about these home remedies is that results aren’t guaranteed. They might work for some but not for you. Results also take time, so you have to be patient and consistent.

While there’s nothing wrong with stretch marks, there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to treat the scars on your body. Carefully consider which methods you’d like to try, and remember that you have to be patient to get your desired results.

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