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Light Up Your Student Room With Colour and Comfort

As a student, a budget is essential and sticking to it is even more critical. Without a job, you have to learn to divide your finances in a way that they meet all your needs. How then do you make your room homey on a shoestring budget?

When looking for a single room to rent in Central London, think of the place as a blank canvas. You are a painter and at the moment you begin, there are endless possibilities. You get to pick which way to go to make your idea of an ideal home away from your home a reality. You can experiment with the following concepts.

Fairy Lights

There is a reason fairies are associated with happiness. Fairy lights, named after the delicate creatures, can bring precisely that into your student room. They come in many colours so that you can pick one that brings the mood you want.

Thanks to technology, there are energy-efficient bulbs that you can buy so that you enjoy the lights without the overwhelming electricity bills. Just remember to turn the lights off when you are sleeping or when you are away from your room.


As a young child, you probably did not need anyone to teach you to use banners. You loved a band or an icon, and so you hung their picture on the wall. Now, as an adult, you can use posters as a tool for décor and not just sentimentality.

Everything from promotional flyers to images printed off the Internet can brighten up your walls. You do not need to cover the whole space; a few well-placed posters can make your room feel homey. Be sure to take them down when you are moving.

Mats and Rugs

Remember the ‘Welcome Home’ mat outside of your family home that you never had to think about before? Well, a mat like that one can help brighten your room now. You do not necessarily have to pick mats with a message, but even plain but bright-coloured options can transform the space.

If you are adventurous enough, you can even opt for rugs shaped like animals. As a bonus, mats offer insulation against cold. They also provide extra sitting space for you and your mates.



You may not imagine it but how you make your bed can make your room look different. The best thing about opting for bed sheets is that they serve two functions. Different from making your room appealing, you will use them for cover in the night. You can play around with patterned sheets or themed duvet and sheets. It is okay to match the theme of the sheets with the posters you hang.


Ever wondered what job a lampshade does? Well, other than providing light without the glare—for bedside reading, for example—lampshades inject an air of mystery to your room. Even when the light is off, they still project elegance. You can use a marker to doodle on the lampshade to make it your own.

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