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Strategies That Can Help When You Have Difficulty Managing Your Emotions

Every day, life throws challenges at us at varying levels. Some we can easily handle, while others are causing a lot of stress on our part. Some days you can be feeling happy and positive; other days, you feel angry, sad, disappointed, or even remorseful. When negative emotions take the best of you, what do you do to keep them under your control?

Intense emotions often lead to impulsive decision-making. This is usually a big no-no as we often make decisions we will regret soon after. Thankfully, there are things that can help you manage your emotions better. If you want expert help, then consider cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) provided by some group practices in Westport, Connecticut. Such therapy is an excellent way to help you identify your challenges and learn how to cope with each one of them. Aside from CBT, the following can also help you deal with your negative emotions:

Distract yourself

One good way to manage your emotions is by distracting yourself. Let’s say that you’re feeling down after fighting with a friend. Distracting yourself can help you forget feeling down or angry even for a little while. This allows you to cool down so that you can think better about what to do next.

Remember the good things

Think about the good things other people have done for you. This way, you’ll find it easier to understand and possibly forgive them. Whenever you express gratitude, dopamine and serotonin are released. These two neurotransmitters will then enhance your mood, making you feel good and happy. This is how the neuroscience of gratitude works.

Ask questions to understand your emotions better

Ask yourself a series of questions to apply reason before you react. What do you think will you do about the situation? How do you feel about what is happening? Will doing a certain action yield good or bad results? To whom can I turn to in times like this? Asking these questions can help you think things through before you start reacting.

Take deep breaths and start counting

Whenever you take deep breaths, you get to increase the oxygen supply to your brain. This, in turn, helps you calm down as the parasympathetic nervous system gets stimulated. Focus on taking deep breaths and start counting backward from ten. This will help you regain equilibrium, promoting a state of calmness.

Channel your energy to a healthy outlet

Sad girl hugging pillow

Some people find it extremely helpful to channel their energy to another activity. If you try to do things you enjoy doing, you’ll find it easier to discharge your feelings. Keeping a journal where you can write pent-up emotions can help you express your feelings. Others like to do yoga to take their stress away. Some prefer talking to their family or friends, while others prefer intense activities. By channeling your negative energy, you’ll feel a lot better without having to hurt someone else’s feelings.

Emotions may be a bit hard to handle. There are times when we fail to control them, thus leading to bad decisions. We even tend to hurt those people we love after reacting negatively to a stress trigger. To avoid acting on negative thoughts caused by an emotional upsurge, take time to calm down and think. Keep this list in mind, and you’ll find it easier to control those emotions at bay.


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