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Good Practices for Extending Your Appliances’ Service Lives

In times like these, technology is getting more and more expensive. Not many people are in an economic position to replace their gadgets and appliances at a whim. Thus, there is an increasing need to take care of the items that we do have.

Naturally, the best way to make sure that our appliances last a long time is to buy quality ones. No amount of maintenance and repairs can fix an appliance that was poorly-made, to begin with. If you manage to save up and invest in a nice luxury appliance, then here’s what you can do to extend its lifespan and get the most out of your money.

Repair instead of replace

If something breaks down, don’t just throw away the item just yet. Technology has advanced in a way that most items can be easily repaired. Before you throw away your faulty appliances, make sure to have it checked by an expert first to see if it can still be salvaged. The general rule is that repairing an item would be a lot cheaper than buying the new ones.

Appliances today come with a variety of new features, but that also means that getting newer ones would cost a lot. Fortunately, there are certain brands and products from decades ago that were actually made to be more durable. You can see a lot of people with 40-year old Kitchenaid stand mixers and all that. In these cases, there is already sentimental value added to it, so repairing can help you keep the original while still using it.

However, replacing the appliance would be better if the cost of repair exceeds 50 percent of the appliance’s price. There is a certain threshold where the repairs would be too much. If you find that you are constantly paying for repairs and the accumulated amount is too high, it is time for something new.

Always clean and change filters

Studies show that 34 percent of Americans don’t clean out their dryers. A lot of other households tend to forget or prolong cleaning their appliances. This, along with overuse, is one of the main causes of faulty appliances. The clogged dirt can damage the machine’s internal parts, just like with any technology.

Changing filters is also an important part of maintenance. Dishwashing and vacuum repair usually involves replacing the filters with something new, especially since they are an important part of repairing vacuums and dishwashers. This can harm appliances and reduce their performance. Continued neglect can cause them to break down.

Some maintenance tasks require a professional and maybe a few extra expenses. Although it sounds like a hassle, you shouldn’t skip out on these. Most of the time, appliances and equipment that require that kind of maintenance will become more expensive when it does break down.

Take care of the coils

An unfortunate habit that a lot of people have is yanking cords. Whether it is their chargers or the power cord of appliances, people tend to pull the cord with too much force. This practice is not only dangerous but causes serious damage to the cord later on. For older cords, you might actually cause a spark and create a fire.

Coils that are constantly curled can also degrade them. The heat that is transmitted between electrical wires isn’t being released properly. It can cause them to short circuit when they are curled for prolonged periods.

Do not overwork appliances


Whatever the item, be it gadgets or appliances, it is important to know their limits. Even if the item is new, you should not go more than the recommended limit. This means you shouldn’t overload your dryers or use certain appliances for prolonged periods. A lot of people tend to forget that appliances only have certain capacities.

Most appliances would warn you if it’s reaching its limit, but some do not. It usually comes in the form of warning signals or overheating. Forcing your way through it will negatively affect the appliances, especially if you repeatedly do this. Technology, when overworked, will deteriorate faster because it has to work harder.

Regardless of your economic status, everyone should take care of their gadgets and technology. Much work is done to create those, and many don’t exactly recycle easily. Getting the most out of your items, within reason, is good practice that everyone should have.

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