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Embrace Productivity in the Morning

A mental note just won’t cut it anymore. You need organization, and the easiest and most straightforward way to get a handle on your day is to make a list of tasks you need to get done. This is an excellent way to kick-start your morning on a productive note without diving deep into work just yet. If you’re not a morning person, you might want to postpone work as much as possible, but while you’re doing that, you might as well organize everything so that you can prioritize the tasks that take more time.

If you can see everything you need to do for the day, you will not be surprised with tasks that take hours to complete. You can also get simple tasks that require a minute of your attention before they get assigned to someone else. It’s your job to schedule home window tinting or window cleaning, for instance, even if you’re not the one who will do it yourself. But if you forget to call the Salt Lake City company, they will not be able to start, and that’s everyone’s time wasted.

Start with Easy Tasks

You’re already off to a good start if you’ve made your list. Now, you can start with an easy win so that your morning will be associated with positive emotions. Accomplishing something as simple as replying to your emails (and updating your list with tasks mentioned in those emails) will still make you feel like a productive member of the workforce. Getting your morning coffee, cleaning your workspace, and filing away papers are also productive but straightforward tasks to complete in the morning. After a couple of easy tasks, move on to the most time-consuming items on your list so that you can break them down into workable chunks. This makes them less overwhelming, and it also gives you an idea of how much time you have for other tasks. Prioritize urgent ones and transfer unimportant tasks to the next day.

Don’t Let Social Media Creep up on You

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You might think you’re only checking your Facebook or Twitter account on your break, but you might be surprised at how much time you spend on them. It’s just like that constant need to check your email. It takes a second, but the habit adds up to minutes that you could have used for other tasks instead. Rather than check your email and social media accounts every time you feel like you’re not doing anything, designate a few minutes for them and stay away from them the rest of the workday. There is always something happening somewhere else, but you don’t need to react to them the moment they are posted.

Allocating a specific time to answer emails also helps you send the message that your time is essential. Check your e-mails in the morning, after lunch, and before you go home to cover all bases without it seeming like you have nothing better to do. If someone needs you to do something urgently, they can reach you in person.

Mornings are not for you to check social media leisurely and to wait on emails to come in. It’s the best time to plan your day and get off to a good start.

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