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Can You Build a Company While Backpacking Around the World?

Far too many people are just dreaming about traveling the world and not pursuing this dream. The coronavirus pandemic should have taught us that life is too short not to run after your dreams. The purpose of your life is to dream and work for those dreams. Whether it is someday having a family of your own, climbing the top of the corporate ladder, or traveling the world, no dream is too big. And while we’re at it, seeing the world is one of those dreams that only a few are brave enough to commit to.

How can you see the world when you’re tied to your eight-to-five job? How can you travel to distant parts of the world when all you can think about is that six-figure salary you’re getting? Traveling the world requires courage and a conviction to make it work.

One of the ways this will be possible is for you to build a financial cushion. You cannot work as a freelancer. The money you will earn from it will barely be enough to cover your travel expenses. What you need is a steady, reliable, and growing income. You need a business that has growth potential. Again, is it possible to build a business while also seeing the world? It is if you are ready to face the risks and challenges.

backpacking in the wilderness

Own Your Niche

No matter what you read on Instagram, you cannot try businesses you do not interest in. Sure, everyone can blog and write an article about the places you see while abroad. But is this what you want to do? If you cannot commit to a business idea, it is not the right one.

Identify where you are good at. Think about what you’re good at. You need to start a business that you know you can do and learn.

Prepare to Learn

Running a business is a learning process. Once you’ve zeroed in on something you want to build, you have to market it and reach as many people as you can. This means you have to learn the basics of marketing and promoting a company.

First, you need to hire someone to do the website design. Since you’re based abroad, the only way you can reach your audience is through your website. Second, you have to do social media marketing. You have to find time to engage with your audience, make relevant and informative social media posts, and negotiate and close deals. Finally, you need to be realistic about your goals.

Be Smart About the Web

The internet is your ally. You cannot build a career or a business while traveling the world without the internet. Be smart about how you’re using search engines and social media. Devote your time knowing Google’s algorithm because there is no way you can run a business from wherever you are if Google’s not going to be your ally.

Once you have a good idea of market your business through social media and search engines, you will have a better fighting chance at continuing your dream of seeing the world. The internet is going to help you achieve that. Make sure you’re in-the-know as improperly applying the algorithm can also push your business down.

Do Outsourcing

You will find out that most of the time, you have to admit to yourself that there are many things you cannot do because you’re living in different places and time zones. If you want your business to grow, you need to start outsourcing a team of people who will work toward that goal. You should employ virtual assistants who can sort through your emails and inquiries. You also need a social media manager to manage your accounts, write posts, and engage with your followers.

Create a Passive Income

As you well know, owning a business is not a source of passive income. You have to work for your business to make revenue actively. Passive sources of income are those that earn without your active participation. It is a regular income that you generate from outside an employer or contractor. The best example of a passive income is a rental business. You get paid for a rental space.

If you’re traveling the world, you can rent out your apartment or house. That can pay for your travel expenses, so you don’t feel pressured about your business or freelancing career. With a steady stream of passive income, you can pursue your dreams of seeing the world.

Thanks to technology, you can see the world and run a business successfully. While it is a lot of sacrifices and hard work, pursuing your dreams of seeing the world should be a life goal. It is not a prize you get when you’re old and gray and can no longer enjoy it as much.

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