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Indoor Staircase Lighting Ideas

Besides the design and style orientation of your staircase, you must not forget the importance of ascending and descending up and down the stairs safely and practically.

Lighting up the steps, lighting up the walls, and lighting up the handrail are the three primary options any stair specialists will recommend for your interiors. While your choice will be influenced mainly by the type of staircase in your home, it is also essential to harmonise the theme with that of the rest of the room. That said, here are stair lighting ideas you may consider.

Lighting Up the Stair Steps

Here, you can have the lighting either applied after the construction of the stairs or have it integrated with the stairs during construction. The type of light used on the steps majorly depends on the type and material used for stair construction. For instance, if your stairs are made of stones, it is advisable that you back light the stair steps after construction. This way, you will display the texture of the stone, while at the same time achieving a suffused effect with each step.

However, if you want your lighting integrated with the staircase, you can install tiny spotlights on the stair steps to achieve an elegant and smooth lighting strategy. This lighting method is particularly suitable for helical stairs that have complex geometric shapes. Reason being, besides illuminating the path, the lighting highlights the shape of the staircase without clashing with it.

Lighting Up the Walls

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If you do not want to interfere with your already installed staircase, then this modern alternative lighting system is for you. It entails the installation of peculiar lighting fixtures on staircase walls. This option mostly utilizes LED strips, panel lights, and spotlights to create an illuminating light beam on the stairs and the surrounding areas. While at it, ensure to select lighting with various programmable colours to enhance the mood of your indoor space further.

You could be having an open staircase at home that gets sufficient light supply during the day from natural lighting but is dark at night. If so, you can light up this staircase at night by installing a wall lights flush on the ground floor. For perfect lighting effect, select spotlights whose light beam reverberates onto the wall.

Lighting Up the Handrail

Another outstanding effect is achieved by illuminating the handrail of the indoor staircase. This option serves two purposes; lighting up the stairs, and lighting up the handrail for user safety. With handrails, the best lighting option is an LED lighting strip that goes along the stairs. If you want a feel of creativity, you can go for coloured, warm LED strips.

Lately, there have been significant refined styles and designs of lighting up your staircase. The goal of each of these style trends is to merge the stairs and its lighting into one element to create an impression as though the staircase was designed with the specific lighting in mind. This not only increases the value of your home but also adds a dash of colour and elegance to your home in general.

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