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A Granite Countertop Installation in Kansas City Might Cost $13,100

It may cost around $13,088 (or $65 per square foot) to install granite for a 215-square-foot kitchen countertop in Kansas City. Granite used to be an expensive material for home renovations and only the wealthy afforded it.

However, market competition and other factors have made it cheaper for homeowners in Kansas City. Kitchen remodeling contractors may suggest the natural stone material for its appearance and low-maintenance features, but most homeowners back out once they realize the cost of installing it.

What Makes Granite Expensive?

Granite costs more than other materials because of its unique properties. People usually have to extract it from a mountain, which entails hard work, especially in a remote location. Natural stone quarries often become more difficult during the rainy season so expect to see a hefty price tag for more exclusive stones.

Aside from the method of extraction, the process of cutting granite also affects its actual market price. A harder stone takes more time and effort to cut, hence it will cost more than the average price. Homeowners who want a custom countertop design still choose granite despite the steep price since no two slabs are alike.

While granite has its distinct advantages, it may be practical to consider other option when you have a limited budget. Some professionals may charge different rates for installing granite based on its weight and volume.

Cheaper Alternatives

Granite countertop with faucet

Laminate, recycled stone, and tile countertops comprise some of the cheaper alternatives to granite. You can spend at least $5 per square foot to install tile and at least $35 per square foot for the cost of labor. However, tile countertops require daily cleaning and maintenance to avoid unsightly grout lines aside.

Properly maintained tiles can last for up to 20 years, unlike laminate that can last for at least 15 years. Laminate, though, requires little effort for maintenance and costs an average of up to $1,700 for installation. You should choose recycled stone another option if you want a more aesthetically pleasing design with low maintenance.

A kitchen countertop made from recycled stone costs between $30 per square foot and $80 per square foot. The materials usually consist of ceramic, glass, porcelain, silica, and stone. The use of recycled components encourages homeowners to install them on countertops as part of a sustainable house.

If you want the look of granite countertops for a lower price, consider installing laminates that can imitate any surface. Take note that laminate counters are prone to heat, scratch, and heavy-impact damages. A functional and easy-to-clean countertop remains a better option than a stylish one, especially when you have young children at home.

Granite may be best for kitchen countertops when you plan to sell the house in the future, or you simply want a customized style for your kitchen. Take some time to review other options before making a decision. When choosing a contractor, pick an interior remodeler instead of a homebuilder because the former is generally more skilled in executing your preferred design.

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