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Brilliant Ways to Maximize Your Condo Space

The cities of the world offer a wide range of opportunities. However, it is also filled with competition, and you need to gain an edge by maximising your time and skills. When you need to spend extra hours on the job, you have no time to waste waiting for traffic.

If you need to report in the office on short notice, you need to move to an apartment or condo that is near your place. With the soaring real estate prices, that would often entail moving to a small unit with limited space. But with smart condo interior design, you can live comfortably even in a small place in the middle of Singapore.

Here are some techniques to maximise space in your condo unit:

Use a Smaller Dining Table

If you are living alone or you only have a small family, perhaps you don’t really need a big dining table. A small, round table can accommodate four people dining together in comfort.

Ditch the Audio-Visual Cabinet and Use Wall Mounts

The audio-visual cabinet—or the media console, whatever you may call it, takes up the most space in the living room. You can simply mount your TV on the wall and you can have some extra floor space.

Use a Sofa Bed or Day Bed

Sofa in the living room

When you lack space, it is best to have multi-purpose furniture rather two separate pieces that will eat up so much space in the room. A sofa bed will serve a purpose in the day and can turn into an extra bed at night, especially if you have guests.

A Wall Desk for Your Office Needs

If you need a place to work comfortably, you can use a wall and mount a desk for your laptop or personal computer. You can mount shelves on the area above the desk to double up as a display. They can likewise house your plaques of appreciation and awards — just like in the office.

Go for Tall and Big

One would think that if you have a small space, you should choose small, minimalist furniture. That would actually defeat the purpose. It would be better to get big and tall furniture. A bunk bed with storage compartments is a good example. It serves the function of two or three pieces of furniture.

Hanging shoe cases and overhead cabinets also provide extra storage without eating up more floor space. Done creatively, you can open up the rest of the room for floor space.

Use Mirrors

It may be the oldest trick in the book, but it stood the test of time because it works. Using mirrors gives off the illusion of space and airiness. Wall mirrors will make the wall appear longer. It will make a compact space feel expansive and can also help save on electricity because the reflection will amplify the lights, making the room brighter with less energy consumption.

Customise Storage for Your Items

You need to be creative and follow the principles of the tiny house on this one. Make use of space under tables and the bed, or construct cabinets and cover them with a mirror to make them look like a part of the wall. Store items that you do not use regularly.

In these modern times, creativity and practicality are the reigning principles for many people. This is the same wisdom behind many of the design ideas mentioned above. Keep these things in mind when rearranging or redesigning your condo unit.

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