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Simple Improvements: Cozying Up Your Bathroom for the Winter

The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful—this is precisely how you should feel even in your bathroom during this winter! As the temperature drops, you have to keep your comfort by making adjustments for the sake of warmth. No one wants to feel ice-cold floors jolting them awake during a quick bathroom break at 3 in the morning. Along with that, no one wants to be all cold and clammy while taking a shower.

While these may seem like minor inconveniences and bathrooms are not much of a warm place in your heads, it does not mean that you shouldn’t find ways to cozy up your bathroom for wintertime.

Quick Ways to Create a Cozy, Comfortable Bathroom for Winter

comfortable bathroom essentials

Do a Window Check

If your bathroom feels colder than the other parts of your house, check if your windows are letting in cold drafts of air. Hold a tissue up to your windows. If the tissue moves, then there is an air leak you have to solve. You can remedy this by caulking around your window.

Turn Up the Heat

Icy cold water paired with freezing cold weather makes early mornings less enjoyable. To keep yourself warm in and out of the bathroom, one solution is to install a water heating system that would allow you to take hot showers in the morning. Wouldn’t that be a fantastic feeling to wake up to?

If you still want to savor the warmth even after your hot shower, invest in some towel warmers or a heated towel bar. Thus, you can wrap yourself in a continuous state of warmth even as you leave your bathroom!

You can also opt to get some heated toilet seats to feel warmth and comfort beyond the typical bath.

Say Goodbye to Cold Feet

For optimal comfort, keep yourself warm from your head down to your toes—that means you shouldn’t ignore your feet! Place thick rugs placed by your sink, toilet, and shower. You get more comfort points if you choose soft, luxurious fur rugs that invite you more into the bathroom than back into bed for a long yet productive day ahead of you. Even merely upgrading from a small bath mat to a larger rug will do wonders for your cold bathroom.

If you have a big budget, you can also consider installing radiant floor heating. This will provide heat from under the floor, providing consistent warmth throughout the room.

Color Me In

What you see is what you get, literally. You should keep your bathroom colors warm because visual warmth allows your mind to think and feel that it is actually warmer where you are. If your bathroom evokes thoughts of sunshine, fire, and heat, you’ll be more inclined to use it even during the coldest days.

Warmer tones also look more inviting. So the next time you redecorate your bathroom, consider using red, orange, and yellow tones and hues together with warm wood finishes that will help you feel more comfortable in that tiled space.

Other suggestions for bathroom colors include:

  • Straw – Pale straw together with white gives a serene ambiance to the bathroom.
  • Brown – If you’re aiming for a cottage in the woods type of vibe, brown is the color to use.
  • Navy Blue – Traditional colors like navy blue will never fail you. Apart from it being a royal-ish color, it also helps the room feel warmer due to the dark tints.
  • Caramel – If you want to be reminded of warmer and sweeter times, caramel is the color to choose, as it also provides you with a simple yet elegant touch.

Decorate to Your Heart’s Content

And while we’re on the topic of color schemes, why not show some festive spirit by decorating your bathroom as well? Even simple stuff like Christmas-themed towels or cinnamon-scented bathroom candles can spread the holiday warmth in the bathroom.

Some also say that plants add to a room’s warmth, so why not get a succulent or two to add to your bathroom to make it seem livelier and warmer?

See the Light

If sunlight provides us with natural warmth, our house lights can offer us some warmth, too, only artificially. This is why changing your bathroom lighting can make it cozier. You can opt to get heat lamps to raise the temperature for a short period. Switching this on can get you a bit of warmth faster than warming up your entire home.

Also, when natural lighting is present, allow the sun to shine through. This natural light will increase the temperature of the room and provide you with a warm feeling. In case of privacy issues, you can easily put a translucent film on your window.

When the lighting is softer, a warm tone and glow spread across the room. Think about this before you decide on harsh, bright lights.

If you’re still second-guessing whether you should change things up in your bathroom in preparation for winter, this is the sign. You will thank yourself in the years to come for winter-proofing your bathroom. A little investment in warmth wouldn’t hurt for the sake of comfort. So get those thick rugs and that water heating system before winter finally bites you back in the face, literally.

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