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To Ship or to Drive: the Best Way to Move Your Cars

You have very different options when it comes to moving your car. You can either drive it to your new place or have it shipped. For most, the idea of driving from state to state is appealing. They think of it as an adventure they should take at least once in their lives. But is this the best time to do this? You’re already thinking about how to settle in this new place you are moving into. You are worried about the other stuff that you have shipped, so why should you worry about your car, too?

Many local auto transport companies can handle this task for you. Is it worth it to drive 500 miles to get to your new home? After driving for days, you still have to fix your new home or apartment. You have to meet the neighbors and find out where the laundromat is. On top of that, you might have to settle your kids in their schools, meet with the principal, and go to work immediately. As much as driving from state to state is a thrill, the timing can be off.

Health of Your Car

Also, is your car healthy enough to drive more than 500 miles to get to your new place? Remember that the road is not all smooth. To get to the new city, you might have to do some off-road driving. Is your car up to it? You have to sometimes drive for 10 straight hours. Can your car handle that pressure? If you drive an old beaten-up car that you keep for sentimental reasons, subjecting it to hundreds of miles of nonstop driving is not the best way to show your love.

Value of the Car

Your car’s components have a limited number of miles it can drive before you have to repair or replace them. The miles you drive will log on in the odometer. This is the first thing that second-hand car buyers look at when they consider buying your car. The value of your car will depreciate the more miles you drive it. Does it make sense to subject it to cross-country driving when you can transport it? If you want to drive from coast to coast, you’re better off with a rental so your car won’t have to take the beating.

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Safety of the Car and Yourself

Statistically, it is impossible to get into car accidents, no matter how small. But of course, that adds to the risk every time you drive an extra mile. That is not the biggest safety concern when driving a car from one state to another. It is also detrimental to the health of your car, as well as your own. Remember that the road can be unsafe for solo drivers or even for a car packed with your family members.

Length of the Drive

Driving state to state takes a lot of time. Are you sure you have the time for it? You are going through an adjustment period, so it might not be the best choice for you anymore. If you’re only moving to another state, it might be practical to drive your car. However, if it will take you more than 500 miles to get to your new city, shipping your car is the best option.

Although transporting your car is not the most affordable option, it is clearly the most practical one. Moving to a new home will always be a bit expensive. If you did your homework, your car’s shipping should be part of your budget from the start. The cost of transporting it should not be a shock to you anymore.


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