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Do Men Love Personalized Gifts?

Men aren’t as fickle-minded as women when it comes to gifts. They usually want the same things: a nice suit, a pair of their favorite sneakers, some cuff links, ties, and handkerchiefs. If you think about it, these items have one thing in common—they can be personalized. As much as women love having their names engraved on their things, men take it a notch higher. They want to be different in a subtle way, and that’s why they love engraving their initials on their cuff links, at the back of their watches, and on the tongue of their sneakers.

You’ll be surprised at what men think of as sentimental gifts. Some men have taken to their graves a signed baseball of their favorite player. Other men have the same pair of jeans they’ve worn when they were still working as a waiter in their dressers. Like women, men are also sentimental, though not with the same things that most women hold dear.

When it comes to personalized items, think long and hard about the things that the men in your life use every day. If he works in a corporate setting and wears a suit every day, consider him cuff links with his initials. If he loves collecting sneakers, how about a pair of exclusive Jordans with his name embroidered on the tongue? There’s a lot more you can buy as a gift, but these might be the most popular ones:

Household Items

Sure, most men don’t care about the color of their walls and even the painting in the living room. They would much rather focus on some silly items around the house. They do love a personalised door mat because it tells guests who are living in the house. Men want their chopping boards and knives engraved with their initials, too, because believe it or not, they like the kitchen more than any room in the house. Many of them think it’s their territory, especially when their wives can’t properly grill a steak.

Leather Goods

If you want to give the men in your life a personalized gift, start thinking about small leather goods. Whether it’s a wallet, belt, boots, messenger bag, or a nice leather bracelet, men seem to want to have these personalized. It turns these items more sentimental to them. A key holder with their initials? Don’t they just love the idea of owning something that’s specially made for them?

Sporting Goods

giving a gift

There’s nothing like the link between men and their sports. Be it basketball, baseball, or tennis, men can get obsessed with their sports. But more than simply buying them a ball or a racket, you can personalize these items because the gesture makes them feel like they are a part of this sport that they love. Does he love to play basketball? How about getting a hoop and personalizing it with his name on the board?

Sentimental Gifts

Men are as sentimental as women when it comes to gifts, though they value different things. Perhaps, your dad has been telling you about a particular beer he’s been drinking when he was stationed abroad by the military? Can you look for that beer or even a replica of the beer bottle and have it personalized? These kinds of gifts will wow the men in your life. These are the kinds of gifts that they won’t expect anyone to give them because it takes too much effort.

When thinking of what to give your husband, dad, brother, and guy friends, consider what they’re interested in. Women like the usual things—clothes, shoes, accessories, and trinkets. Men are different in a way that they can sometimes be more sentimental than women.

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