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Tips for Planning a Successful Private Party

Compared to other events, there may be fewer attendees in a private party. But this does not mean that it is easier to organize. The planning that goes into a private gathering has to be very meticulous so your guests can enjoy a nice, intimiate experience.

These are some tips on how to plan a successful private party:

Establish your budget

Establishing the budget helps you determine almost everything about the party. Your venue options, the entertainment, the services you will hire, and even the number of guests you invite depends on your budget. If you are not sure about how much you might need for the party you have in mind, you could always do some online research on the budget for events of a similar scale. Set the budget as early as you can and make sure that you stick to it in every step.

Set the date

The date is one of the most important details that you must figure out when planning your party. Dates that fall on weekends would be ideal as there is usually no work or school during weekends but, of course, it depends on the guests you will invite. You might want to consult with your guests for the date that they prefer and then go for one that works with the majority of them.

DJ booth at a party

Secure the venue

Sometimes, setting the event date depends on the availability of the venue you will be using. Try to secure your venue as early as possible so you can proceed in planning the other details of your event. When choosing a private event space, make sure that it is accessible for all of the guests. It can also be useful to put up signs that point to key areas (e.g.: entrance, toilets, and emergency exits), but you should ask the venue management for permission first.

Plan the layout, table arrangement, seating, and decorations only when you have already secured the venue.

Book performers or speakers and other relevant services

Your choices for these depend mostly on the occasion and theme of your party. Usually, it is the choice for the entertainment that varies. You can always look up party entertainment ideas if you are unsure which ones your party should have.

If you are planning to have food and drinks served at your party, consider hiring a caterer, wait staff or bartender.

Take photos during the event

Make your parties even more memorable by having photos taken. Set up a photo booth or photo wall where guests can pose for pictures. You may also want to hire a photographer to document your event as it happens. When you are sending thank-you cards to guests after the event, you can include pictures of them enjoying the party.

Private events are meant to be intimate, and to build and strengthen relationships. Make sure you have a detailed but flexible plan that you closely follow. Should the planning process get too overwhelming though, you can always turn to event planners for help. Most importantly, have confidence that everything will work out well and that your guests will enjoy the party!

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