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How Cleanups Helps in Community Building

Neighborhood cleanups are events that happen during spring, summer, or fall. These are usually one-day events that aim to clean the neighborhood of trash, debris, wall graffiti, and many other things. Why do communities do these? There are three excellent reasons why they help in community building: one, they help protect the environment; two, they boost neighborhood pride; and three, they keep crime rate at a low.

When planning a neighborhood cleanup, you need to look for dumpster rental services in Salt Lake City. Proper disposal of waste is important to keep the neighborhood clean and also to make the cleanup easier for everyone. Many towns and cities in the United States have neighborhoods that look run-down. This contributes to the increase in crime and environmental pollution. Neighborhood cleanups are big projects that need political will and the support from the local community to work and succeed.

Keeps Kids off the Streets

Cleanups are actually focused on preventing kids from getting into many sorts of trouble. The community can actively call on kids and teenagers to help clean their neighborhood as a lot of hazardous waste is being left on streets and vacant lots. These can all lead to the pollution of the sewage and water systems. By giving these kids something to do and spend their time on, they will be less susceptible to getting into doing petty crimes and other things that might get them off school.

Protects and Sustains the Environment


Unless you live on a planet other than Earth, you’ve already known by now that climate change is real. In the U.S. East Coast, states such as New York and Chicago suffered from what scientists refer to as a polar vortex, which is when the North Pole expands and sends cold air southward.

In countries such as Australia and India, road paint literally melted because of the heat during their summer season. At the same time that the U.S. East Coast was suffering from the cold temperature brought by the polar vortex, countries in Asia were almost burning, and people actually died from heat stroke. This is what happens when people fail to protect and care for the environment. The continuous improper waste disposal further destroys the environment. When you throw a plastic bag on the street, think of the effect that it can cause.

One of the things communities across America should do is to have a regular cleanup. You can organize cleanup activities every weekend as it’s easier to maintain the cleanliness of the neighborhood if the activities happen regularly. Everyone in the community should commit to doing their part for this activity.

Improves the Residents’ Quality of Life

A neighborhood cleanup can improve the health of the residents. Large amounts of trash, including hazardous waste, on streets and vacant lots can become the breeding ground for rodents and insects. They can also cause air and water pollution. Such conditions will further create health problems for the residents and make the neighborhood unfit for children to live in.

Makes the Neighborhood More Attractive to Businesses

Is the unemployment rate in your neighborhood high? It might be because no businesses actually want to invest in the area because it is unkempt and looks downtrodden. Businesses prefer neighborhoods that are well-kept, attractive, and properly cared for. Customers would want to visit those kinds of neighborhoods, while they would avoid places they feel are unsafe.

Although a cleanup activity improves the overall look of your neighborhood, it does so much more than that. Beyond the aesthetics, neighborhood cleanups can help in building and instilling a sense of community in residents.


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