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Things You Did Not Know Your Bachelor Pad Needs

You’re a guy of a certain age, unmarried and uncommitted, and loving it too. You have the resources to do what you like. And you have enough time to pursue your passions. You’re what they would call an eligible bachelor. You even have a bachelor’s pad to show for it.

Now, do you want to level up your game? It’s time to give your abode some much-needed updates. Here are five things you can add to your home that will make it extra, well, extra.

Automatic doors

You might argue that an automatic sliding door system is for shops selling cup noodles and bar soaps. And we won’t rebuke that argument. But imagine a house where you no longer need to turn a doorknob if you need to access certain spaces? You can save so much time and muscle strain.

And you can use saved time and muscle strain for other things, like dancing with your lady love and lifting her over your head ala Dirty Dancing. In all earnestness, automatic doors will give additional comfort to your already cozy pad.



If you’ve seen at least one episode of The Bachelor or Jersey Shore, you would know that jacuzzis are fun. And there’s no reason for your pad to be deprived of a jacuzzi. Buy one of those with strong water jets that will massage all the achy parts of your body.

Remember to clean your jacuzzi regularly. The last thing you want to happen is for you and your jacuzzi constant to contract pseudomonas dermatitis aka hot tub rash. That’s the most unromantic thing, defeating the purpose of installing a jacuzzi in your bachelor’s pad.


A skylight or skydome will never fail to make your visitors open their mouths wide in admiration. It does not have to cover an entire room. Or your pad’s entire floor area. A small skylight will do, so long as it’s strategically placed, where you can get maximum sunlight.

With a skylight, you won’t need electric lights in the daytime. That can mean savings on your monthly electricity bills. Or at the very least, you can think of it as a way of helping Mother Nature out a little.

Home audio system

One way to impress visitors, especially the ladies you’re romancing, is to play some of your curated music. And we trust that your taste in music won’t disappoint. With that said, you need a reliable home audio system.

No matter how impressive your music repertoire is, if you’re playing it on a Bluetooth speaker you bought from a shady online store that sells everything at $9.99, it will fail to impress. Make sure your home audio system can give justice to your collection of Bob Dylan and Post Malone.

Mood lights

Lighting affects your emotional state. Under bright lights, you respond more intensely to all kinds of triggers. For example, receiving bad news feels extra awful under bright lights. The same goes for receiving good news. Under bright lights, it can be extra exciting.

This is where mood lights come in. You want to be able to regulate your emotions. Also, you probably already know what other purposes mood lights can serve.

You cannot be called an eligible bachelor without a pad that’s on-point. With the essential updates we introduced in this piece, next time you invite a lady into your house, there’s no way their jaws won’t drop. Ladies with their jaws dropped is a good sign for you. It means you’ll have a pretty awesome night. Who knows, the next week or month, you might even decide to retire your bachelor card and finally settle down. Should that happen, be prepared for another round of home updates.


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