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How the Pandemic Made More Male Homeowners Take DIY Home Repair as a Hobby

Before the pandemic started, many men were focused on their work. They came to love the nine-to-five jobs that they don’t have time to tackle home maintenance and repairs. Every opportunity where they can rest and spend time with the family, they are willing to take. They would rather take advantage of the numerous home services present to make the most out of their time. But then came the Covid-19 crisis.

More Time to Evaluate Their Homes

The pandemic disrupted basically how we do everything. It stopped workers from coming to work and made employers allow remote work. Now, many of us are working from home instead of the office.

As most people spend their days indoors, this gave men lots of time to really take a good look at their houses. They started noticing long-neglected maintenance and repairs. Their extended stay indoors also made them realize the things they could improve around the house.

Some wished they have their own private space where they can work in peace. Others want an extended outdoor living space where they can chill during lazy afternoons. Others want to get over the necessary maintenance and repairs before tackling home improvements.

man drilling a home

Favorite Home Improvement Projects Mid-Pandemic

Many homeowners focus on creating a home office, so they can stay productive while working from home. Some opted to turn a part of their bedroom or a spare room into their office. Others opted to build a separate building in the garden to draw the line between their personal space at home and work.

For some homeowners, they indulged in updating the kitchen. One favorite project was replacing old tile floorings with vinyl flooring for their kitchen. They opted to transform their old kitchen into a beautiful but low-maintenance space.

Most people are into outdoor living space. This involved upgrading their decks and patios, landscaping their boring yard, and starting a backyard garden. They want to enjoy the great outdoors and bask in the sunlight while still staying at the safety of their property.

According to a recent survey, homeowners have no sign of stopping their home improvement just yet. Up to 78% plan on taking another project within a span of 12 months.

Embracing the DIY Home Improvement Trend

As homeowners found more things to fix and improve the house, they were left with two choices. One is to call the professionals to get the job done. The second is to DIY their projects.

Since the pandemic made us fear for our own health and safety, more homeowners chose the latter option. Now, more men are buying their supplies to DIY their way into fixing and improving their homes.

Aside from health and safety reasons, homeowners are turning to DIY due to financial reasons. Doing home improvement projects on your own usually costs less than paying a pro to do it for you. You could be hiring their expertise, but you can complete the project at a more cost-effective price with proper planning.

Men also found it extremely satisfying to accomplish tangible results around the house. When you see the fruits of your labor, this gives you that sense of achievement that boosts your mood and confidence. They find DIY home improvements to be a great way to ease their boredom and as a healthy outlet to reduce their stress and anxiety during the pandemic.

The pandemic may have interrupted the way we work and live. But this also brought more men to once again welcome their love for tackling home improvement projects. Now, they have more reasons to DIY projects at home to the best of their abilities. They are using this to improve their resilience, skills, and overall health and wellness.


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