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Caring for Your Feet: Best Advice for Runners and Hikers

If you’re someone who doesn’t walk long distances regularly, you likely haven’t put much thought into the care of your feet. But if you’ve decided now’s the time to go on a hike or a run, you’ll quickly see how important caring for your feet is. Whether you’re heading into the woods for a couple of hours or go for a mile-long run, knowing how to care for your feet properly is crucial.

Just like how tools like autoclaves and other lab equipment are put on sale to ensure lab samples’ integrity by killing harmful bacteria and viruses, maintaining a regular foot care routine can make your feet happier and healthy.

Here are some pieces of invaluable advice when caring for your feet, making your runs and hikes more comfortable and safe.

Trim Your Toenails

A simple action that often gets overlooked by many people when it comes to hiking and running foot care is clipping your toenails before heading out. If your toenails are too long, even the best fitting boots won’t do its job in ensuring your feet are comfy during your run or trek, as they’ll be pressing into your long nails, causing discomfort or getting bruised and falling off.

When cutting your toenails, make sure to do it straight across rather than following your toes’ curved shape. That’s because trimming your toenails in a straight line lowers the chances of you developing ingrown toenails while reducing the friction between your toenails and skin when walking.

Choose the Right Shoes

Selecting the right pair of shoes for you is one of the best ways to care for your feet while on long runs or hikes. When searching for shoes with the correct fit, ensure their parts sit tightly at the back of your feet but still give ample room for your toes. Additionally, it’s best to lace your shoes properly. Although all shoes are different, the general idea is to tie them in a way that can keep your heels firmly at the back of your shoes without cutting off circulation.


Follow the Two-Sock System

The simplest way you can care for your feet while on the trail is by wearing the right socks. The ‘two-sock system’ can keep your feet in a healthy and working order with little effort. You can do this by wearing your base sock, which should be made from moisture-wicking material and skin-tight, while your second layer should be wool or a wool-mix sock.

Apply Powder and Cream

This method’s effectiveness will depend on your feet, so make sure to experiment to see which one would work best for you. Foot powder and moisturising creams can help keep your feet friction-free and safe during your ventures. Additionally, both can help you control foot odour, making your feet healthy and odour-free.

Pamper Your Feet

After a long hike or run, soaking your feet in warm water with Epsom salt is a great and natural way of drying out blisters, eliminating toxins, and soothing your feet. Simply heat some water, add the salts, and a Eucalyptus, an essential oil that can help get rid of toe fungus, which is common after running and hiking for an extended period.

Whether you’re an avid runner who runs several miles every day or a hiker who goes on the trail every week, you’ll quickly realise how essential it is to care for your feet to keep them in top shape. The tips mentioned can help you achieve just that.

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