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Why Visiting Zion National Park Will Change You

Utah is a state known for its picturesque sceneries. The terracotta land formations against the cerulean horizon are the classic postcard image— always timely and forever timeless.

When you search online for the best ways to enjoy Utah’s outdoors, the top of the list always points towards Zion National Park. Knowing that Utah is home to the best natural wonders, not only in the US but also in the world, it’s inevitable not to carry some expectation once you land your feet on Zion’s rugged landscape. It is the ace among other aces, the poster view, among other poster-worthy views.

Zion National Park Tours offers different ways to witness and experience the beauty of Zion. From the poignant moment of basking in the silence of Zion’s sandstone cathedrals to the moving moment of witnessing deer move in the open fields, you’ll surely find an experience that will move you.

With Zion’s kaleidoscope-hued rock layers formed into high mesas, sharp peaks, and winding canyons, it’s not surprising to know that it attracted over 4.32 million visitors in 2018.

Here is a list of reasons why you should come over and visit Zion National Park at least once in your lifetime.

  1. Zion National Park is accessible.

The park is so accessible; it’ll be difficult to make an excuse for why you can’t come to visit. The reason why Zion is the most popular among the Mighty Five parks is because of its location. If you don’t have much time on your hands, you can have a glimpse of what Zion has to offer by going on a day trip. A mere two hours away from Las Vegas, you can add this on your itinerary when you want to maximize your Nevada trip, especially if you want to have a break away from the show lights of Vegas. However, a better option, still, is to spend more than a day participating in outdoor activities.

golden statue at a park

  1. There are many outdoor activities to choose from.

From canyoneering to hiking, Zion National Park has activities that will fuel your adventurous side. The park can accommodate various hiking skill levels. For easy trails, you can opt for Weeping Rock, Riverside Walk, and Canyon Overlook. For a harder trail, daredevils can choose Angel’s Landing. If you’re not much of an adventure freak or your stamina is not meant for strenuous activities, you can still experience the same level of thrill while taking in the sceneries by going on an ATV or UTV tour.

  1. The national park is home to incredible biodiversity.

With the park’s extensive size- almost 232 square miles of canyons and plateaus- you can expect a diverse animal and plant species. The park is home to more than a thousand plant species, more than seventy mammal species, and almost three hundred bird types. This place is a good way to get to know nature and witness species in their natural habitat. Whether you plan to observe them at daytime or nighttime- or both- you will surely feel humbled knowing that there are other species, other than humans, that need nature to survive.

True to its name, Zion National Park has the power to make you feel like you’re coming home to the promised land—a safe haven in this tiring world.

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