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The Importance of Recovery in Exercise

All men want to be fit, regardless of age, work, or social status. For some, being fit is a source of pride and self-fulfillment. For others, it is a way to stay functional, to better deal with the daily demands of life. Whether you want to look good at the beach or be able to play with your children and future grandchildren, the importance of physical health cannot be undermined.

Yet, while a large percentage of men worldwide focus on either getting or staying in shape, many of them underestimate the value of recovery. They push themselves to do as many push-ups, sit-ups, and reps as possible for as many consecutive days as they can. Instead of taking the time to engage in proper rest intervals, they force themselves into doing things their bodies are not ready for and cannot handle. As a result, they burn out and often get injured.

To prevent that from happening, men should be aware of the three fundamental aspects of recovery. These are stretching and flexibility, rest, relaxation, and sleep, and nutrition.

Stretching and Flexibility

There are many benefits to being flexible. Among others, flexibility prevents injury and increases physical strength. It also helps improve your future quality of life. The best way to achieve flexibility is by incorporating stretching and other types of body-lengthening exercises into your workout routine.

Instead of lifting weights six times a week, why not do it only four? The other two days could be used for yoga, Pilates, or stretching exercises designed for specific body parts. The same goes for cardiovascular exercise. Running and cycling will definitely burn calories and increase your metabolism. On the other hand, without proper post-workout stretching, your leg muscles will be prone to tears, hyper-extension, and other injuries.

Rest, Relaxation, and the Importance of Sleep

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Ideally, every man should have an electric massager. Electric massagers not only help you relax but also allow you to unwind from the body stresses of your workout routine. A great option is to invest in an OHCO massage chair, a multi-functional chair designed to massage all areas of your body. Massages reduce muscle tension, improve circulation, and can even reduce anxiety symptoms.

The best way to relax, however, is to sleep. Some say you should do it for eight hours, others six. Whatever this number is for you, make sure it’s no less than four to five hours, and you do it consistently, every single day. Many things happen in our bodies while we sleep, all of them beneficial to our health.

Also, bear in mind the environment in which you sleep. For better rest, make sure your room is as dark as possible, there are few if any electrical devices near you, and you have both a comfortable pillow and a mattress. These simple changes in your sleeping habits will reap wonderful results.

Recovery and Nutrition

Somebody once said, “abs are made in the kitchen, not at the gym.” This highlights the importance of proper nutrition. But nutrition is not only valuable from a visual standpoint. It also plays a role in how effective your recovery is. Of course, you can eat only fruits and vegetables and still stay lean and healthy. However, complex carbohydrates and lean protein are also essential in your post-workout nutritional regimen. Complex carbohydrates help replenish the body, while protein aids in muscle recovery and maintains your immune system strong.

As such, you should incorporate an effective nutritional program into your exercise routine.

As we have seen, recovery is just as important as doing exercise. It helps our bodies stay young, flexible, and healthy. It also minimizes the risk of injury. Make sure you stretch, relax, sleep well, and eat proper food. These and other simple suggestions will make a giant difference in your overall health and longevity.

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