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Living Life Easier Using These Pointers

Everyone wants their life to be easy, but let’s face it: things often go south in real life. But of course, that won’t stop us from trying. As humans, we gravitate towards convenience and comfort. This is perhaps a survival trait inherited from our prehistoric ancestors, but in modern times, this means more time and energy to pour into the things that we love.

From small and subtle measures to make sure we drink water now and then to a daily reminder so that we don’t miss our schedules, we all look for ways to make life a little bit more convenient, a little more efficient. And that’s perfectly fine, as it will help us do more with our limited time.

Whether you want to increase your work productivity, be less distracted, or generally live a convenient life, these tips will come in handy.

Work Better by…

… using the Pomodoro Technique. It’s a timing tool that tells you to work in increments of 25 minutes, with 5-minute breaks in between. This will help you focus on your task by giving a sense of urgency while reminding you to take necessary breaks in between.

… using productivity tools on your computer. There’s a whole world of productivity tools available on all platforms, be it your computer or your phone. Take advantage of these tools to help you zone in on your tasks and make working easier.

… NOT multitasking. While you may think that multitasking helps you accomplish things faster, the truth is that we can only focus on a few things at once. By focusing on one task, you’re limiting distractions and making sure that you get at least one thing done. You’ll definitely finish faster by doing one task instead of five.

Sleep Well by…

sleeping well

… blocking out the light. If you work the graveyard shift, you might have trouble sleeping during the day because of sunlight. You can block sunlight by using thick curtains, or even opaque ones. Many roller shades allow you to use heavier curtains with darker tones to help block the light.

… using earplugs. Along with light, noise can prevent us from having a good night’s sleep. You can get specially fitted earplugs to make using them more comfortable. This is a great tool if you sleep in a noisy location or sleep very lightly that you wake up at the slightest noise.

… getting better pillows and mattresses. One of the reasons we wake up feeling sore is because our mattress or pillow doesn’t match our sleeping position. You can find ergonomic pillows and mattresses a-plenty. Take your time and find one that suits you best.

Reduce Stress by…

… taking consistent breaks. Modern humans are prone to overworking, thanks in part to a belief that working hard is good. While it’s definitely useful in some scenarios, working too hard and not taking a break can ultimately prove your downfall. Make sure to take breaks in between, especially during particularly long working sessions.

… playing with a desk toy. Desk toys exist for a reason. They are a great way to break the monotony and introduce something fun and light-hearted in an otherwise serious environment. Make sure to get non-distracting desk toys, as they can easily distract you as well.

… drinking tea. If you don’t drink tea, you might want to consider starting. Tea can help you relieve anxieties and stress, making it a delicious drink to have during tense moments (such as work). There is a wide variety of tea that helps, which means you can choose one that fits your taste.

Schedule Better by…

… having a routine. One of the surefire ways you can better follow your schedule is making that schedule your everyday routine. A routine is good for having a sense of order in your daily life, and if you feel like your day always goes awry and you wasted a day.

… blocking time for menial tasks. When we do small tasks, we end up using a few minutes of our working time. When we do multiple small tasks, the time spent grows exponentially. By dedicating time for smaller workloads (like emails, sorting paperwork, etc.), you’re completing more quickly and efficiently, instead of having to stop your work to do them.

… setting priorities. Instead of doing tasks by order of issuance, do them by order of importance instead. This is a great way to meet deadlines and avoid going over the allotted time because you were focused on doing something else.

With these ideas in mind, you can handle work and personal life better without leading yourself to extreme burnout. This way, you can manage things more easily.

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