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The Home Maintenance Checklist: Is a Clean Roof Necessary?

If your home is your most significant investment, you want to keep it in good condition. It not only has to look appealing but also functional — every year, any season. Done right, and your maintenance work will save you money in the long run. The trouble is, what should you focus on?

Caring for Your Home is a Big Job

Every home upkeep is different. The only common thing is that they all wrench a lot out of you, the homeowner. Because maintaining your home is a big responsibility. You need to check the interior and exterior, from the appliances to the features; the bottom and the top, from the flooring and yes, to the roofing.

A clean roof is necessary to maintaining your home because wood rot or shingle deterioration will turn into expensive repairs, at the least. At most, damaged roofing will be hazardous to you and your family. But you might be reluctant to go up and clean the roof yourself. And that’s fine.

First, it’s OK because it can be a risky job, especially if you have a large home. And second, professional roof cleaners near you will have the experience and the tools to do an efficient job. They will have safety gear, like the full-body harness; they will know the right cleaning methods, like pressure washing, and they will have the right cleaning products, like sodium hydroxide, for removing stains.

You likely won’t have such tools and more likely not have the time or energy to use them.

But your homework isn’t done yet.

Home Upkeep According to Season

Schedule your home improvements according to seasons. This way, your energy isn’t wasted on tasks and systems that don’t need your attention just yet. And that you don’t spend needlessly on work that could be put off.

So what do you do?

For spring:

  • Call for an air conditioning system check; you might need to change the filter
  • Clean and polish furniture, doors, and windows
  • Do some outdoor work with a cleanup of your deck or patio; fertilize your lawn, and have your roof inspected for damage
  • Flush your water heater

For summer:

cleaning roof gutter

  • Check and clean your bathroom and kitchen cabinets
  • Check and clean tile grouts; see if they need sealing
  • Clean your kitchen exhaust fan filter
  • Check washer and dryers; remove lint from hoses and dryer vents
  • And do more outdoor work on your yard

For fall:

  • Clean your carpets, windows, and door screens
  • Check for water leaks in the kitchen, bathroom, and basement
  • Seal gaps and repair cracks in windows and doors with weather stripping
  • Winterize your exterior plumbing
  • Check and replace batteries for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

For winter:

  • Inspect your exterior for ice dams
  • Check for frozen pipes; try and open cabinets beneath sinks to let the warm air in
  • Check your heating system
  • Maintain your thermostat at a steady temperature
  • Prep your home for winter with enough supplies and tools, like the snowblower and generator, that work

Every maintenance task allows you to prepare better for the next season. So follow them well, and get professional help for elaborate interior and exterior jobs.

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