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Easy Ways to Spend More Time Outdoors

Studies show that spending at least 120 minutes — or roughly 15 minutes a day — in nature results in enriched mental clarity and reduced anxiety and stress levels. But finding the time to head out can still be challenging, especially if you’re very busy with work or school. If this is something you find difficult to do, here are some easy ways to help you spend more time outdoors.

Work on your yard

Doing some yard work is an opportunity to spend time outside while also fixing up your surroundings. You don’t need to do much to get started; you can leave the complex design work to your landscapers. Simply mowing your land and watering your greenery is enough to get you that recommended 15 minutes of daily exposure to the outdoors.

Bike to work or to the grocery store

Hop on a bike and cycle your way to work or to the grocery store to run errands. You’ll be able to get some fresh air and give your legs a good workout. It’ll also save you tons of money on gas and parking, and you won’t have to worry about the traffic.

Head outside in small doses

Small, steady efforts to go outside is much better than not going out at all. If you don’t have an entire day to spend in the great outdoors, you can still do things like take a brief walk outside first thing in the morning or take a conference call on your patio.

Do more outdoor workouts

running outdoors

Jog around your neighborhood, go rock climbing, hike a nearby trail, do yoga in the park — whatever your choice of physical activity, make sure to do it outdoors. If you haven’t got any exercise equipment, this is also a low-cost way to keep fit.

Pick up an outdoor hobby

Give yourself something to look forward to when you’re outside by picking up an outdoor hobby. For thrill-seekers, mountain biking, scuba diving, and parachuting are some interesting activities to pick up. If you’re into more relaxing activities, you might want to try bird watching, backpacking, fishing, or archery.

Set up an outdoor office

You don’t have to go very far if you want to take your work to the outdoors. A simple office set-up in your balcony, yard, or patio will already provide you with a fresh change of scenery. This can do wonders for your job performance since you’ll enjoy a boost in productivity levels and a decrease in stress and anxiety.

Dine al fresco

When eating at a restaurant, opt to eat your meal outdoors instead of indoors. If you’re preparing a meal at home, step outside and eat it in your balcony, yard, or patio. Anything is better than chowing down on your food while sitting in front of your TV or computer. You might even want to plan a picnic at a nearby park with your friends and family, or you could picnic alone with a good book and a fancy bottle of wine.

Spending more time outdoors is especially important these days given how cooped up everyone has been for the last few months. There’s no denying that being out in the open air surrounded by nature can calm your mind and body down and boost your happiness. If you’re finding it difficult to step outside because of your busy life, here are some easy tips to help you get out more.

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