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Tech Trends That Will Continue to Improve Our Lives for the Better

Today’s tech continues to boost people’s lives. Now, we can buy eco-friendly cars that can take us to places. We can control our lighting with just our voice. One can even do their shopping without leaving the house.

Businesses also take advantage of many innovations to boost brand awareness, business efficiency, and success. Quick research on the internet can help business owners find local companies to accomplish different tasks. For instance, commercial property owners needing to test, adjust, and balance their buildings’ HVAC systems can easily find local contractors who specialize in TAB services. Startups can hire digital marketing agencies to take care of their online marketing. One can even run a business remotely by offering digital services on the internet.

Even with a pandemic, nothing can stop innovators from crafting better, faster, and more eco-friendly solutions that are guaranteed to boost our quality of life. But what lifestyle tech trends can we expect to make a big buzz from 2021 and beyond?

True Automation Made Easy

In the past, people scrambled to make their homes smarter by buying smart home technologies. But since such technology is fairly complex, many consumers had a hard time installing and integrating their subsystems. Some even bought devices that are not compatible with each other, which only caused frustration and increased their expenses. But now, good news came after tech giants announced that they are working together to ensure their smart home technologies are truly connected.

Apple, Amazon, and Google agreed to collaborate so they can offer the public with true home automation. Soon, we can finally buy smart home devices that are fully compatible and connected. One will no longer have a hard time connecting different devices just to make their home smarter and more convenient. We can expect that soon, smart home devices will be able to talk to each other and simultaneously interact with one another. You will only need to make a single command and your smart home technology will do all the hard work.

Increased Demand for Cybersecurity

Some businesses that haven’t even considered adopting remote working had to change their plans immediately following Covid-19 threats. Now, many brands have staff working remotely. While this helped ensure the business continuity of some companies, this also increased the incidence of cybercrimes. This is since more employees are working remotely but their companies fail to invest in the right cybersecurity measures.

According to reports, there is a 400% increase in cyberattacks during the pandemic. We can expect the cybersecurity market to ramp up by the year 2021. This is since businesses of all sorts and industries continue to learn the hard way that cybercriminals don’t discriminate.

But because of the massive cybersecurity skills gap, companies have no choice but to turn to other solutions to fill in the shortage. Some companies are now using AI or Artificial Intelligence to aid cybersecurity professionals in their job. We can expect the role of AI to only grow in terms of the cybersecurity industry.

Wearable Market Will Double

woman using a smartphone

Some people think wearable technology already reached its peak. But experts claim this will only continue to grow. Statista predicted that consumer spending on wearables will double by 2021. Note that we are not only talking about smartwatches, head-mounted tech, and ear-worn wearables. Even smart-clothing shipments are expected to experience annual growth of more than 75%.

The kind of wearables that will dominate the 2021 market and beyond will have multiple features. Aside from health features, wearables with multifunctional functions will be in-demand. People can now use their favorite wearables to boost communication and productivity.

One wearable technology that had public speaking is smart clothing. Now, companies are continuously innovating to craft fashion tech, which is smart clothing that does more to make your look and feel good. Some smart clothes aim to monitor your health and boost one’s performance in sports. Some aim to help athletes sleep better while others focus on tracking real-time health data.

Did you know that smart socks now exist and can track your running data? There is now a smart yoga pant that gives yogis the ability to step up their yoga game. How about a high-tech commuter jacket that enables its wearer to answer phones, plays music, and more with a simple touch of the sleeve? We can expect smarter clothing and other wearable technologies to create headlines in the coming years.

We cannot deny that tech innovations continue to impress consumers. Who would have known that someday, you can track your health with what used to be a simple accessory? Indeed, technology drastically improved our quality of life. We can only expect more innovations to continuously wow us in the future.


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