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Pandemic Dating: Keeping Your Relationship Fun and Fresh

Every relationship needs some space to breathe and grow, but the pandemic has imposed so many restrictions on movement. It is now not just safer, but in many places, it is required that we stay in place and quarantine.

This can have quite a strain in any relationship as little tics can seem much more annoying when both of you are always underfoot. It is also harder for parents to find the time for themselves due to the pressures of managing to work from home while balancing their children’s online learning needs.

But, this is what makes it even more necessary that you make the time for dates with your partner. Luckily, there are some very fun dates you can have in the comfort of your own home.

Shopping Spree

Is your anniversary approaching? Is it time for a special birthday? Surprise your partner with a shopping spree on an online ladies’ clothing store. We all need a little frivolous spending for stress relief and sheer pleasure.

Give them a budget, so they can have what they like without you having to break the bank. Sit with them as they shop and take interest in their whims and choices. Your partner is sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Have an Indoor Picnic

Pack a picnic basket, push the furniture out of the way, spread out a rug, and have a picnic indoors. It would be a delightful surprise to spring on your family at the end of a long week and is sure to be a big hit with your children.

Prepare a scavenger hunt or picnic games for the children, so they can enjoy themselves while you focus on your partner. Dating with children is not easy, but if you plan well it is possible to include them while cherishing your partner.

Give Them a Spa Day

Indulge your partner’s love for spa activities by pampering them. There are many options for spa packages you can purchase online. You could hire a professional willing to follow safety protocols to come to the house and give manicures and pedicures

If this feels too risky, you can get a subscription box with instructions on how to use the different products. Your partner is sure to swoon if you offer to give them an oil massage or try out face masks together.

Boozy Treats

Get some wine that is good for cooking with and make some boozy desserts together. Cooking together is a good way to feel close to your partner and having something delicious to eat at the end will make you both feel well-rewarded for your efforts.

If neither of you enjoys cooking then you can purchase an array of liqueur-infused chocolates and cakes and have a tasting party just for the two of you.

Get Crafty

Pick a craft that the two of you would enjoy learning together and have the supplies delivered to your house. This is a good date activity that you can do with children as well.

Do the craft together and then have each family member present their results to the family and give them star ratings. Send your partner off to relax while you and the children clean up any resulting mess. Your partner is sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Take Part in Their Interests

Join your partner for their yoga class or dance class for one day each week. This is a really sweet way of making a part of their weekly routine feel special. Anyone would appreciate their partner taking the time to learn about their interests.

Taking part will make your partner see how much you value them and support them. It will help bring you two closer together and you may even find that you genuinely enjoy the activity.

Plant a Garden

plant concept

This is a good date activity that can last for quite a while. Planning the layout, picking seeds, weeding, and planting will all feel special and fun because you are doing it with your partner.

Planting a garden will take a while and it will give both of you something to look forward to during the working week. It will be your special time together and when completed, the garden will always be a symbolic monument to how much you two enjoy each other’s company.

Movie Night

This is the most popular and easy date activities for couples. Pick two movies, one from you and one from your partner, and toss a coin to see who goes first. Have plenty of snacks and drinks ready and enjoy the mini-movie marathon.

Movies are a good way to kick back and relax and will give you something to discuss with your partner. Planning out a movie date for every weekend and assign genres to each date to keep things interesting. You are sure to have fun debating whose film was the best one.

The strength of a relationship lies in the bonds between the two of you. Doing what you can to keep these bonds tight and full of love is the healthy and smart way to make sure your relationship is thriving.

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