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Spice Up Your Daily Routine: Everyday Life Upgrades that Will Make You Happier

Since March, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, many of us realized just how plain and dull our lives are when we’re not given the liberty to go out. Thankfully, restrictions are easing and people can enjoy vacations again, but not without caution and nagging paranoia.

For that reason, it’s undoubtedly better to stay at home and prioritize our health. But even that is turning out to have some detrimental effects, particularly on mental health.

Such proves that we tend to depend on external factors to make our lives enjoyable. Stressed at work? Take a vacation leave. Bored? Go out and watch a movie. Hungry? Have brunch with your friends outside.

Now that we can no longer enjoy those things as much as we used to, we feel stuck in a daily routine that’s boring and unexciting. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With a few simple tweaks in your everyday life, you’d look forward to each new day again, and see your life from a fresher perspective. Adopt them now before the year draws to a close, and be a happier and healthier you in 2021:

1. Do Nothing for 30 Minutes Every Day

Millennials, especially the younger ones, commonly struggle with the pressure to stay productive every day. As such, they’d dedicate more hours than necessary for work, waiting until their breaking point before taking a rest.

But working non-stop is often counterproductive because you’re supposed to finish a set of tasks within a certain time period. Frequently working overtime indicates that you don’t manage your time well unless the circumstances make you have no other choice.

But whether you need to work overtime or not, taking 30-minute rests each day is essential. You can read a book, enjoy a hot bath, catch up on your favorite TV series, or do nothing at all. In fact, doing nothing can make the time feel slower, resting your mind and body even more. You can rest after work or in the middle of the day if you work from home, or are a housewife.

2. Say Goodbye to Dairy Products

If you like milk on your cereal, consider substituting your usual cow’s milk for non-dairy milk, like almond. Dairy isn’t as healthy as you think; in fact, it isn’t even necessary in your diet for optimal health, according to Vasanti Malik of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Not that consuming dairy ruins your health because, in some people, such as older adults, dairy is a good protection against sarcopenia, the natural age-related depletion of muscle mass and strength. However, swapping your cow’s milk for non-dairy alternatives will supply you with more nutrition, minus the side effect of an upset stomach.

3. Exercise For At Least 10 Minutes Each Day

working out

At least thirty minutes of physical activity every day is recommended, but if your job makes that impossible for you, cut it down to 10 minutes instead. There are loads of quick workout videos on Youtube, so choose one that your body feels most comfortable following, and feel the mental health benefits of the serotonin, dopamine, and endorphin boost.

4. Change Your Makeup Routine

Ladies on-the-go tend to do their brows, dab some blush, swipe their signature lipstick, and go. While such natural makeup look already enhances your beauty enough, a little change won’t hurt, especially if you need a spike in confidence.

Consider swapping your MLBB lipstick for a bold one, like a classic red or something vampy. If your cheeks are looking a bit flat, try a blush with a satin finish, or get your hands on highlighting and contouring. Such simple changes will elevate your look and shoot up your confidence.

5. Have Your Teeth Aligned

A smile makes a big difference in your appearance, mood, and overall day. If your pearls make your smiles a little awkward, perhaps a visit to your trusted orthodontist will fix that. There are various types of braces, so you don’t have to put up with the traditional metal ones if you don’t want to.

Straightening your teeth won’t just make you more attractive, but will also make people perceive you as smarter and more successful. That’ll be incredibly useful in job interviews and first dates!

6. Invest in Self-care

Feeling guilty for wanting to buy “unnecessary” aromatherapy? Don’t, because certain scents help in soothing stress, anxiety, and calming the nerves. Rosemary, for one, can even improve your memory, making it an absolute necessity if you’re about to take an exam or embark on a major business project.

Adopting this and the five more changes above will definitely improve the quality of your life, with or without a pandemic. Get out of the mindset that you’re out of control; we are all more powerful than we realize, as we have the ability to change our lives and choose happiness.

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