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How To Tell If You’re Dating The Right Woman

So you’ve finally met a woman that you think might be the one you’ll spend the rest of your life with. That’s great news! But how can you be so certain? Often, new relationships are full of butterflies and great feelings, but does it last?

The only way to find out if you’re a perfect match is by letting time dictate how your relationship will go. But as a man, there are ways to determine if you’re dating someone that’s right for you.

Are you thinking of marrying the woman you’re currently dating? Here are the signs that she’s perfect for you:

You want to be a better man.

Before meeting your girlfriend, you don’t even think of what you can improve to make yourself a better person. But that changed when she came into your life. You might not realize it yet, but if you find yourself trying harder to be a better man so you can be deserving of her, there’s a great chance that she will always bring out the good in you.

Being with someone who makes you want to do better is incredible. It will make the relationship go smoother, leading to a happy marriage in the end.

She tells you what she feels.

It’s rare to find a woman vocal about her feelings, including the negative ones. If you’re dating someone straightforward about her thoughts, you’re on the right path. She will always be honest about what she’s going through. And if she says something, you can bet that she means it with her heart.

A woman who can be open and honest about what’s bothering her will help you understand her more, knowing where you stand with her. Unlike other girls, she doesn’t play games and won’t leave you clueless about what’s on her mind.

She acknowledges all the other things that make you happy.

She knows that she isn’t the only thing in the world that can make you happy, allowing you to keep enjoying the things you like before you even meet her. What’s even better is that she wants to be a part of the things that give you joy, so make sure to share the fun with her as much as you can.

couple traveling the city

You don’t need to be with her all the time to please her.

One of the great qualities of a mature woman is that she understands boundaries. She knows that you have a life to live and that your world does not revolve around her. She lets you have time for yourself as she comfortably lies on her mattress at home. Lastly, she encourages you to go out with your friends and have fun as she knows that they matter to you.

You want her to meet your folks.

Knowing how awesome your girl makes you think about introducing her to your parents. Since you’re already planning to spend your entire life with her, you want to ensure that your parents are on the same page. It’s also a subtle way of saying to your mom and dad that finally, you found someone that cares for you just as much as they do.

She is independent.

While it’s great to have someone by your side for the rest of your life, it would be a great bonus to be with an independent woman. If your girl does not rely on you too much to maintain herself, she’s a catch. She has a job, earns money, knows what she wants, and achieves her personal goals because of hard work. Overall, she doesn’t need anyone to survive in the world.

You feel lucky to find someone like her.

You have been dating for quite some time, but you’re still in awe that this exceptionally amazing woman likes to be with you. And that thought is making you feel good. Finding someone that keeps you mesmerized is always worth it. After all, that fantastic feeling would never go away. You might even reach old age feeling the same way.

She’s compelling yet feminine.

Many independent women tend to be powerful. However, not everyone can retain their femininity. She knows that she doesn’t need to act like a man to get what she desires in life. She will get them by keeping herself feminine. What’s more, she doesn’t think less of herself because she’s a woman. She knows how to be powerful and successful in her own ways.

As you can see, settling down with someone is not just about emotions. If you want to marry the woman you’re dating, make sure that she’s someone who can contribute to your happiness. Relatively, you need to be someone that would stay committed to her, no matter how independent and powerful she may be.

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