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Middle School Awkwardness: How to Help Your Kid Survive This

Baby fat, braces, orthopedic shoes, and confused fashion style — we all have those. Look at your photos from middle school. Even the most popular cheerleader in your school dealt with acne and uneven skin tone. Don’t believe for a second that some people didn’t go through an awkward phase in middle school. Some are just better at keeping their awkwardness private. Then, there are people like us, who have to learn to embrace that awkwardness in front of the whole school.

In Townsville or many other cities, middle schoolers need orthodontics to deal with their teeth problems. That is part of growing up and finally becoming an adult. They’ll outgrow those braces soon enough, and they’ll be thankful that their parents have dental insurance for it. They wouldn’t like how their teeth would end up looking like if they didn’t put those braces on.

Helping Kids Understand the Awkward Phase

This awkward phase of braces and acne will go away on its own. But as parents, you can’t help but worry about your kid and how they are going to deal with this phase. The world is a lot different now than a decade or two ago. There’s social media, and it’s downright scary for kids to get bullied there. It’s a place that benefits only the beautiful. Awkward middle schoolers seem to have no place on Instagram and Facebook. This is something you should talk to your kid about.

Make sure that the communication lines are open. Your kid needs to know that you’re willing to listen to their concerns. They should not hear you dismiss these problems as nothing. Take time to listen and understand where these issues are coming from. Once you understand where the concerns lie, that’s when you can start helping your kid understand how to survive this phase.

Building Their Confidence

A lack of self-esteem and confidence is the reason kids are bullied in school. It’s also the reason it’s hard for them to socialize and develop meaningful friendships. They look at themselves in the mirror and realize that someone is better-looking and more attractive. They need to learn how to rise above these physical insecurities. You can build their confidence by helping them hone their skills and supporting their interests.

kids in middle school

Gaining Resiliency

That awkward phase in middle school will help people develop their resiliency. Your kid should know that all these will build their resiliency for tougher challenges in the future. There will be more difficult times ahead. When they go to college or university, professors will be meaner. It will be tougher to get into academic clubs. Studying and working at the same time will be a challenge. But your middle school awkwardness will prepare you for these things.

Choosing Friendships

Middle school is when your kid is going to develop friendships. Some of the people they will meet there are going to be their life-long friends. They might even go to college together. Guide your kid in being with people who will lead them to the right path. They should surround themselves with people who will influence them to make positive decisions.

Your kid will look to you for support and encouragement. They will inevitably struggle in middle school. You can work with them through this phase. Your presence and support will give them the confidence to face their problems.

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