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Security as a Priority

One of the most important aspects in life people tend to forget about is security. Aside from necessities like food, water, and shelter, security is often one of the most forgotten necessities. Most take their security for granted. In the U.S.A. alone, breaking and entering, and burglary are two of the most commonplace crimes against property. In New Mexico alone, around 700 burglaries happen for every 100,000 homes. In Oklahoma, there are 670 burglaries for every 100,000 homes.

With the pandemic raging on, theft has only gone up due to the rising unemployment rates. People are getting desperate to survive. According to a study, the unemployment rate is correlated to the rising rate of property-related crimes. A lot are forced to lie, cheat, and steal to get through their day. You, as a homeowner, must do everything in your power to preserve your way of life. You must keep your family and your belongings safe from those with evil intentions. Prioritizing security while you have nothing to do is a great idea to keep the poachers at bay.

Detecting Holes

The first thing you must do before you implement any kind of security measure is to find the holes in your security. Mapping out possible targets for those who might exploit your security is essential. Knowing the flaws in your own home is the first step in tightening home security. Look out for easy to break-in passageways and deteriorated barriers, and mark them for future upgrades.

Building a Fence/Grow a Shrubbery

Most homes in different states opt to not go for fences. However, I personally think now would be the ideal time to do so. Maintaining a fence is extremely commonplace in other countries for security reasons. Aside from keeping your lawn and house locked in, it will serve as another hurdle for those who intend to steal for you. It will take its place as a deterrent for most robbers.

If fences are not your style, you may opt to go grow a hedge instead. Popular in most northern European countries, hedges can also serve as a property divider. Although it takes a lot of time to grow, bushes are easy on the eyes and can complement your yard. They are also not as intrusive and restrictive compared to steel or wooden fences.

Replacing Windows and Doors

2 closed doors

The most common avenues evildoers may slide through are unsurprisingly your windows and your doors. Easier break-ins can be done on those which are already natural entrances. Do an emergency window replacement if your windows and windowsills are already dilapidated. Also, consider using fiberglass or stronger transparent material to replace the flimsy glass. Adding grilles that can be opened anytime from the inside during an emergency is also a great way to secure your home. Ensure safety by adding locks to your windows as well. They do not cost a lot at all.

Windows are not only your eyes to the outside world. Always remember that they are not one-way mirrors. The outside world can see what’s inside as well. Covering your windows appropriately with blinds or curtains will help prevent scouting the insides of your home from those with ill intent

Installing Lights

Shower the dark corners of your house and property with appropriate light fixtures. Lighting the dark parts of your property with automated lights at appropriate times will protect your property even if you are not there concurrently. Timed lights are extremely easy to install and can be done with little to no expense.

Installing a Security System

Lastly, to keep your mind at peace, installing alarms and closed-circuit television systems (CCTV) around your home is vital. Most modern homes have home-to-base alarm systems that notify the homeowner wherever he is whenever a break-in or any other emergency is happening. The security systems company will install the necessary sensors for your house and will be the ones to watch out for any irregularities in your house when you are away. You can also easily access your home cameras when logged in to your CCTV system.

Security is essential in most modern homes. For the working man always away from his home, he has nothing to rely on but his own systems in place. Keeping your property away from evil eyes is necessary especially during a time where nothing is certain.

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