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Best Home Upgrades to Fight Off Cabin Fever

There’s no denying just how much the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and the resulting widespread lockdowns negatively affected not just the economies of countries on a global scale, but also the physical and mental health conditions of countless individuals. Among the many ill-effects to people’s physical and mental health are the occurrence of anxiety, fear, clinging syndrome, sleep deprivation or disturbance, appetite loss, agitation, and extreme boredom.

A lot of affected individuals also reported experiencing cabin fever, a condition first identified back in the 1900s, and even as early as the 1800s. The condition is often triggered by sudden and prolonged confinement in a small space where mobility is extremely limited. Those with cabin fever typically feel a wide range of negative emotions, which include boredom, irritability, difficulty focusing, and restlessness.

When not addressed properly and immediately, this condition could quickly worsen and lead to more serious conditions such as depression, which is a known trigger for suicidal tendencies.

With these facts, it’s critical for those who suspect they are already beginning to or are currently experiencing cabin fever to get up to their feet and try fighting back. But, just how does one do that?

Here are some of the best home upgrades you can have to keep cabin fever at bay and maintain your sanity until we all get past this pandemic situation:

1. Sports amenities.

If you have the budget for it and if the current restrictions would allow, among the best upgrades that you can get for your home are some sports amenities. These add-ons would not only give you a means of keeping yourself busy and physically active during the pandemic but would also enhance your property’s market worth.

Among the best you could have is a home bowling alley installed, which is a premium feature for any home. You could also go for a basketball half-court, so you could practice some hoops with your family. A rather pricey, but equally excellent home upgrade that would serve you well even after the current pandemic is over would be an Olympic-size pool that would allow you to enjoy a relaxing dip whenever cabin fever attacks.

2. Home gym.

In the light of the ongoing mobility restrictions and as a precautionary measure against possible COVID-19 infection, a home gym would be an awesome home upgrade to keep your entire family physically active through regular exercise routines. A typical home gym would set you back a few thousand dollars but you could start with the most basic equipment like dumbbells and even a jumping rope. It doesn’t have to be as fancy as your local gym; as long as you have the basic gym equipment to strengthen your muscles and do some cardio at the comfort and safety of your home, then you’re all good to go.


3. Home garden.

The home gardening industry posted record numbers at the height of the COVID-9 pandemic — which came as a huge surprise even to those in the industry. This is, however, quite understandable, as people wanted to do something that would not only keep them busy as they wait for the situation to normalize but also allow them to secure their food source. Quite a lot of people suddenly realized the wisdom behind having a home garden when they had to do last-minute trips to the supermarkets to stockpile food supplies. Aside from edible plants, ornamental plants also became stars of the home gardening show as people took to social media to show off their stunning collections of beautiful plants.

4. Entertainment system.

A nice home entertainment system is yet another great investment for your home as you try to fight off cabin fever. Fortunately, there are a lot of options when it comes to home entertainment systems. You also have the option of having one delivered to your home so you won’t have to expose yourself to possible COVID-19 transmission.

5. Outdoor living features.

Even before the pandemic hit us, a great many of us all know the therapeutic benefits of spending time outdoors. This fact became all the more pronounced in light of the COVID-19 mobility restrictions and with cabin fever looming above our heads. The next best thing to enjoying an outdoor trip to commune with nature is to have outdoor living features such as a patio, view deck, fire, and water features. Some of these can be done DIY-style so just do some research to find the ones that would suit your budget and needs.

These home upgrades will surely be worth your investment and still be of great benefit even after the COVID-19 pandemic ends. Just choose the ones you can afford and enjoy the benefits they offer, especially in helping fight off cabin fever.

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