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Different Ways to Make Your Home Secure While You’re Away

  • Secure your windows and doors by reinforcing existing frames with metal or reinforced composite and installing high-security locks. 
  • Add security lighting around the exterior of your home to deter intruders, and install an alarm system for extra protection. 
  • Make it seem like someone is home by leaving lights on and asking someone to monitor your home. 
  • Trim back bushes and trees away from entry areas, and tell your neighbors about your trip. 

Are you planning a long trip abroad or across the country? Taking a break from your everyday routine can be exciting, but you don’t want to return home to any surprises. To ensure your house is secure while you’re away, here are different home improvements that will give you peace of mind.

Secure Your Windows and Doors

One of the most common ways burglars access homes is through unlocked doors and windows. And even with locked doors and windows, a determined intruder can easily break or tamper with them. To keep out the criminals, consider the following upgrades before leaving for your trip:

Reinforce Your Door and Window Frames

Your home’s door and window frames are important in keeping out intruders. To ensure they are fortified, consider replacing the existing frames with metal or reinforced composite material. Ensure the frames are securely attached to the walls and install additional locks.

Install High-Security Locks

high security door lock

Another great way to secure your home is installing reliable electric mortise locks on all exterior doors and windows. These locks are designed for added security and come with various features, such as keyless entry systems, remote access, and even automated locking functions. With an electric mortise lock, you can ensure your home is safe while away.

Add Security Lighting

Installing motion-activated lights around the exterior of your home is another easy way to deter intruders. When the lights detect movement outside, they will turn on and alert anyone in the area that someone is present. This offers an extra layer of security and allows you to monitor the outside of your home from the inside.

Install an Alarm System

Investing in an alarm system deters burglars. Many insurance companies offer discounts if you have one installed in your home. Look into different systems, such as the following:

Monitored Alarms

These can be directly connected to a security company or self-monitored systems that send notifications to your smartphone. These alarms are ideal if you want a 24/7 monitoring service for extra protection. Be sure to have a stable internet connection to be alerted of any suspicious activity.

Unmonitred Alarms

These alarms are more basic and are usually triggered by motion detectors or pressure-sensitive pads throughout your home. They will sound an alarm if there is any unexpected activity in your house, but they won’t alert anyone else. These are still effective in deterring burglars, as the loud noise will alert and scare off any intruder.

Make it Seem like Someone is Home

Burglars tend to target empty homes more often than those occupied by people. When they notice no one is home, they are more likely to be interested in breaking in. To make it seem like someone is home, you can follow the following tips:

  • Leave some lights on or use an automated timer to turn them on and off throughout the day.
  • Have a neighbor pick up your mail and newspapers, or opt for an online subscription.
  • Ask someone you trust to watch your home while you’re away.

Trim Back Bushes and Trees

Overgrown bushes and trees provide good hiding places for burglars, so ensure these are trimmed away from entry areas like windows and doors before traveling. Also, check around gutters and rooflines for overhanging branches that could be used as steps for getting inside the second story of your house.

man trimming bushes

Tell Your Neighbors About Your Trip

It’s always wise to let a trusted neighbor know if you’re going out of town so they can keep an eye on things while you’re away and alert authorities if anything seems suspicious. Give them contact information just in case they need to reach out. At the same time, you’re gone, but also let them know the approximate date of your return if they see any unfamiliar people hanging around after you’ve returned home.

If you completely trust them, consider leaving your house key with them, so they can access the house occasionally to make it look like someone is home.

Nothing ruins a good vacation high than finding out that your home has been violated while you were away. To give yourself peace of mind, take the proper steps to secure your home before traveling. Consider these methods, and protect your house from intruders while you are gone. With these, your home will be safe, and you can relax and enjoy your trip, knowing everything is in good hands.

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