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Debunking Common Spider Myths

The sight of a spider crawling in your house or chilling in a webbed corner is likely to scare you. Most people don’t like spiders, which is pretty understandable. The population of spiders usually spikes toward the end of summer and at the beginning of fall. This is because male spiders go around homes looking for mates.

You might find spiders in your shower, at the corners of walls, or even under the pillow. Surprisingly, most spider species aren’t harmful. They are only a source of unexplained fear. Either way, you should consider spider control in Salt Lake City. Meanwhile, let’s debunk these common spider myths:

Spider infestations should be controlled using pesticides

Considering that spiders are predators, they don’t infest a home. An increase in their population only signals an increase in their activity, which is usually related to mating. When the situation escalates, and you need to exterminate them, you shouldn’t use pesticides. Spiders are mobile and do not react well to residual chemicals. A trained pest control expert will opt for sticky traps.

Eight legs always mean spider

This isn’t the case because several other insects have eight legs, too. Spiders are part of a group of crawling insects known as arachnids, which also includes ticks and scorpions. Next time you see an eight-legged insect, don’t assume that it’s a spider.

All spiders make webs

Webs are not structures that spiders make out of silk. Technically, webs are silk structures that spiders make to catch prey. Only half of the population is known to make webs because that is their means of catching prey.  They sit and wait for prey to get into their silk structure, and they eat them. The other half is made up of hunting spiders that don’t make actual webs.

All spider species can be found anywhere

Apart from the few spider house species, most of them have a limited range of movement. Different spiders thrive in different regions all over the world. Every continent has its unique fauna. The exterminator that you hire should be in a position of identifying the species in your house and finding the proper method of handling them.

All spiders are male

The myth has been around for a while now. Some people believe that there aren’t any female spiders, which is not the case. It is not easy to put a gender on spiders because their morphology is different from that of humans. However, there is a difference between spiders that are believed to define their sex.

It is easy to identify spiders

big spider

Identifying a spider isn’t as easy as it seems. To start with, many insects have eight legs like spiders. Even if you recognize the spider, telling what species it belongs to is difficult. There are more than 114 spiders from all over the world, and telling them apart is no easy task.

Spiders in a home can cause a lot of havoc and frustration for the occupiers. The webs make a home to look unkempt. Homeowners are afraid that they might suffer spider bites. You can hire spider exterminators to clear your home of the bugs.

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